Force high Network Data Send Frequency ?

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Feb 18, 2023, 7:00:42 AM2/18/23
Is there a way to force the Network Data Send Frequency to much higher rates, approaching the dynamic frequencies?

Dynamic Frequency works great once it's fully "warmed up"
Fixed frequency never has any startup lag.  

With dynamic frequency, sometimes when I move  my mouse over to the slave,  it lags for a few seconds, almost like I was moving the mouse through molasses.  I never have that issue with fixed frequency, but using the mouse is much "rougher" than with dynamic. 

I very much notice the difference in feel (my systems are all 144hz monitors, 1000hz mouse, very fast cpus), and I'm likely an outlier here.   For what it's worth, ID is the only virtual KVM I've tried that can make using the slave feel like i'm using it directly.  

 I did some testing via wireshark -  this was with me steadily increasing the send frequency, from 20hz up to 500hz, then dynamic.  As you can see - dynamic sends packets at the rate I'd expect, about 1000hz, which matches my mouse. 


This also matches the testing I've done via MouseTester which would explain the micro jerking.  


I even tried looking at the "SendFrequency" setting to see if i could force it higher under the hood.  
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