Mouse looping within monitor when trying to switch to another screen

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May 12, 2022, 1:52:31 PMMay 12
to Input Director
Hi Shane,

I think I know the issue and maybe a recommended fix.
To duplicate this problem:
  1. I have a setup with four computers; each with a dual monitor setup sharing 4 monitors. I use multiple inputs on the monitors to accommodate all the systems connected.
    Here is a picture of my setup:
    Image 001.jpg
  2. A mouse and keyboard is attached to computers 1 & 2 and no mouse or keyboard is attached to the other two.
  3. Move the mouse on computer 2 to computer 3 and leave the mouse on system 3. Then grab mouse on system 1 and try and access system 3 (where the mouse from system 2 is located) by going from 1 to 2 then 3. The result is the mouse from system 1 will begin looping on its own monitors and never allow access to system 3.
  4. Solution to stop the looping:
    Move the mouse from system 2 which is located on system 3 back to its home system. Now everything works normally again.
    I set up a hotkey to dynamically move the mice back to their home systems whenever this behavior is observed.
Perhaps, InputDirector could be more intuitive in moving the mic back to their home systems when a different mouse is being used.

Of course on systems without a mouse, this looping thing never happens because InputDirector thinks the mice are already on their home systems.

Not sure if this makes sense, but I can consistently fix the looping by just making sure the mice are back to their home screens before moving another mouse around the system.

Maybe my setup is just to bizarre and needs to be simplified. Nevertheless, at least I know what is happening whenever I experience a loop condition with the mouse.

Hope this helps in future development.


May 17, 2022, 12:38:20 AMMay 17
to Input Director
Hi Clifton,

Thanks for the scenario description. The behaviour you're seeing is deliberate - if a Director system A attempts to transition to Director system B that is currently being used to control client system C, then the request to take control is rejected and the cursor remains on Director system A (which is the looping). There should be a notification message appearing when this happens (though if you're sharing monitors, it might be visible). 

This approach isn't set in stone and I have been thinking about whether to make the behaviour configurable. I'd been keen to hear what alternatives folks would like to see.



May 19, 2022, 5:53:19 PMMay 19
to Input Director
For my use this becomes rather intimidating. I would like to request that an option exist to have InputDirector move all connected mice on controlled systems back to their primary monitors whenever the user tries to use a different input device to take control. However, it is interesting that the keyboards do not behave this way. No mater which keyboard I use, the input goes to the expected system based on where the mouse is for that system.

Perhaps in theory (maybe), any mouse and any keyboard could direct their inputs to the system on which the active mouse is currently positioned.

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