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E Barbie

Oct 7, 2022, 5:53:29 PM10/7/22
to Input Director

I've been using input director for a while w/o an issue, but after adding a new Logitec mouse (MX Master 3) and installing new Logitech software  (logi option +), I now get random fat file system BSODs whenever input director is enabled in background. I've confirmed that the BSODs only happen when Input Director is running in the background. If I remove the mouse USB dongle and uninstall Logitech control software, then no BSODs even when Input Director is running. It only happens on one laptop running Windows 11.

What could cause such behavior?



Oct 7, 2022, 7:31:42 PM10/7/22
to Input Director

That's very odd (I've had no other reports of BSODs before). 

It might be that the Logitech driver / software is conflicting with the Input Director virtual mouse. 

You can try disabling the Input Director virtual mouse (this won't affect Input Director's behaviour, it's used to ensure the cursor remains visible when no physical mice are attached to a windows 10 system) by:
1. Open Input Director on the system in question
2. Switch to the "Global Preferences" tab
3. Disable the option "Keep cursor visible when no mouse attached"

Another possibility is that if the Logitech flow feature is switched on (which is provides a similar function to Input Director) that it is conflicting. Try switching off Logitech flow is that is currently enabled.

I use a MX Master 3 on my Windows 10 system. I'll install the Logi option+ software and see if I can replicate the fault.

Can you open Windows Explorer, navigate to the %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps folder and email me any Input Director crash dump files located there.



E Barbie

Oct 8, 2022, 11:34:37 AM10/8/22
to input-d...@googlegroups.com
Thanks. Yes, the settings you mentioned seem to have solved the problem (6 hours and no BSOD). Before seeing your reply, I've uninstalled Input Director, rebooted, and installed a trial version of StarDok's Multiplicity KVM. It worked fine w/o any BSODs with the Logitech software until I went to Multiplicuty's advanced setting and enabled a feature called "enable fake pointer support if no mouse attached", and a few hours later I got the same BSOD. So it looks like a Logitech software/drivers bug. BSODs always involve the fatfile.sys driver. Anyway, I'm now back on Input Director with  Keep cursor visible when no mouse attached" disabled. It's been 6+ hours w/o a BSOD. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Any Idea why is this happening with only one Asus ROG laptop running the exact same Windows 11 version as the rest (I assume because the Logitech mouse dongle is attached to this laptop, while the MX mouse can control/connect to other PCs (without KVM software) by Bluetooth and Logitech's own software/drivers (The  MX Master 3 can control 3 machines via one dongle and 2  Bluetooth). I'll try to send a support request to Logitech as well). I'll keep you updated. 


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