Window deactivation on client also working on main?

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Aug 12, 2021, 8:12:16 AMAug 12
to Input Director

It's a bit of a complicated question, but I run Input Director together with SoundIt to also share sound over network.
When I run games on both client and master and have the "activate windows on hover" function in windows 10 enabled, the game windows on my client go back to background when I move back to my main system (which is exactly what I want, so no multiple sound sources.)

But the same does not happen when I go from my main to my client pc. The sound of the main PC's game keeps running.

Input Director seems to automatically 'deactivate' or windows on my client once I move back to main (or perhaps it simply mutes it?), is there a way to do the same for windows on my main when moving to client?


Aug 20, 2021, 8:40:30 AMAug 20
to Input Director

Input Director 'hides' the cursor on the main (director) computer when you're controlling the client, which I think might be interfering. On your Directory (main) computer, try switching off the "Hide the cursor when switching away from this system" found on the "Global Preferences" tab.


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