Allow a file in install folder to be editable with admin priviliges

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Robert Toutant

Dec 2, 2021, 12:08:35 AM12/2/21
to innosetup
I have a program installed using inno - the program installs fine - however the ini file for the program needs to be editable - changed from time to time...
Is there a way to set an individual file security to allow this by the user / instead of running notepad as administrator

Gavin Lambert

Dec 2, 2021, 4:58:28 PM12/2/21
It's not impossible, but it's bad form (and doesn't allow each user of
the app to have their own settings for it, which is preferred).

The recommended solution is to not put such configuration files into
{app}, but instead have your app itself (not the installer!) read/write
them from your language-of-choice's equivalent of

If you wish, you can still install a "machine-wide defaults" file into
{app} in the installer, and have your app read both this and the
per-user file and merge the results (typically with the per-user
settings "winning"). Usually though this is unnecessary and your
defaults can just be hard-coded into the app itself.
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