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Максим Индтрадов

Oct 18, 2021, 7:01:19 AM10/18/21
to innosetup
Good day!

I ran into a limitation of Inno Setup. I would like to ask you to take them off if it doesn't bother you.

1) Inno Setup limits the number of open include files (windows in editor) to 10. My projects have 50-70 include files. Is there no way to remove the restriction or make a GUI setting in which it would be possible to decide how much I need to open inlcude. You now have ten windows hardcoded.
2) I have include files that change during the build of the installers. These are files with an autoincrementing build number. InnoSetup constantly asks during build if I want to reload it! You need to make a setting in the GUI, which by mask will prohibit the Inno Setup IDE from opening in the IDE this files! 
3) Add to the [setup] section the ability to disable (or change the behavior) SetDefaultDllDirectories... to work as before version 5.5.9). May we be able to choose! I cannot use DAO and other system components that break the SetDefaultDllDirectories and SetSearchPathMode logic. I understand the risks that come with ignoring SetDefaultDllDirectories, but in my case, I just can't use Inno Setup as before (more precisely, I'm using the ancient 5.5.8).

Thank you for attention! I just dream it will appear in Inno Setup!
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