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Adolph Dupre

Jan 25, 2022, 2:36:38 PM1/25/22
to innosetup-test

Does anyone out there know of a person/company that can create an install script.  Or can anyone suggest where I should look:

I’ve already created one, but it doesn’t have  some of the if/then steps, and I’m not sure how to create them.


The rough specs are:


Specs for Install program:

Install program is intended to be used exclusively within a company.  The installer will be used both inside the office and on portables in the field.

AN ftp site is available to store needed downloads. So the install program can be small enough to email.  An alternative would be placing the install program on the company share point site.

The install program should process the following steps:

  1. Check that the computer is Windows 10 or later.
    1. If not, inform user and stop install.
  2. Check whether the computer is 64 bit or 32 bit.
    1. This is needed for install of Visual studio redistributable and MySQL drivers.
  3. Check if Visual Redistributable is installed
    1. Must check for the specific bit(32/64) version.
    2. If not download and install.
  4. Check if a Specific version of MySQL is installed
    1. Must check for the specific bit(32/64) version.
    2. If not download and install.  A typical installation is OK.
  5. Check for local folders on local computer.  Create if they don’t exist.
    1. C:\Pennline\PPL

                                                               i.      Subfolders:

    1. \\Logs
    2. \\Previous
  1. Check if Microsoft access 16 or greater is installed:
    1. If installed, determine the Bit version
    2. If not installed. Download Runtime version and install
  2. Download some files into the newly created folder
    1. An access program. (Front end)

                                                               i.      2 different version depending upon the Bitness of Microsoft Office/Access

                                                             ii.      Check for a file by name.  If it exists Inform the user and continue, but do not overwrite it

                                                           iii.      Download an icon. (used for the shortcut)

  1. Download a Shortcut and place on the user’s desktop.
    1. Overwrite if one exists
  2. Inform the user the install is complete
    1. If any of the steps are not successful, Inform user what step and instruct them to call their supervisor.


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