Конкурси регрантингу, які проводять активні проєкти - інформація від FundingBox: 10 open calls, 4 events,

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Ivan Kulchytskyy

Sep 25, 2021, 12:34:08 PM9/25/21
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Шановні колеги!
ЄК публіккує інформацію про ці конкурси на спеціальній сторінці

Переглядаєте  ці оголошення і вибираєте тему, яка відповідає вашій кваліфікації та інтересам 
Тут можна аплікувати індивідуально як окрема організація (зазвичай МСП)
 або в невеликому консорціумі
Деталі та умови є в конкурсній документації кожного з проєктів
Нижче є невелика підбірка актуальних конкурсів яку надає спеціальний ресурс FundingBox:
Рекомендуємо там завести особистий профіль

З повагою
Іван Кульчицький 

30th September | AI / Manufacturing | up to €100k

AI Regio is looking to select up to 8 SME-driven experiments to complement AI REGIO in the extension of the current portfolio of “AI for Manufacturing” solutions. The open call is addressed to digital and/or manufacturing SMEs, associated in mini-consortia with a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), and eligible for Horizon 2020.

👉 Apply before 30th September.


30th September | Additive Manufacturing | Free services

Receive free services to implement metal additive manufacturing solutions in your production processes through INTEGRADDE's Expression of Interest. This EOI is directed to European SMEs and MidCaps regardless of their previous experience with Additive Manufacturing.

👉 Apply before 30th September.


1st October | Blockchain / DLT | up to €50k

NGI Assure's fifth open call is looking for technical R&D projects that provide some form of assurance regarding any aspect of the internet and the way we use it today or will use it tomorrow, using Distributed Ledger Technologies, advanced blockchain technologies and related enabling technologies. Selected projects receive up to €50K in funding plus financial, technical, and business support.

👉 Apply before 1st October.


25th October | Data Sharing | up to €120k Deadline extended!

i4Trust is looking for DIHs and SMEs working in manufacturing, logistics, smart cities, eHealth, energy, agriculture, or other key sectors. Explore the possibilities to reduce costs, develop new services, or gain operational efficiency by implementing a B2B Data Sharing experiment.

👉 Apply before 25th October.


28th October | Artificial Intelligence | up to €70k

BonsAPPs' first open call is looking for AI Talents (researchers, PhDs/post-docs, engineers/developers, data scientists) to develop, integrate, and deploy an AI@Edge Solution using tools and services of the Bonseyes Marketplace (BMP) service layer to solve one of the 10 Industry Challenges from the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and robotics industries. Selected projects will receive up to €70k and the chance to participate in a five-month programme.

👉 Apply before 28th October.


29th October | Advanced Manufacturing | up to €90k Deadline extended!

Change2Twin is looking for SMEs and mid-caps interested in developing and implementing technology and systems applicable to digital twins. Up to 11 manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps will be selected to join an 11-month programme.

👉 Apply before 29th October.


8th December | Blue Growth | up to €60k

GALATEA aims to finance collaborative and innovative European SMEs to support the integration of digital and/or Aerospace technologies in the Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance domains.

👉 Apply from 22nd September.


10th December | Healthcare / AI / Big Data | up to €250k

ASCAPE's first open call will select healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, research centres and SMEs) to evaluate its platform and the developed AI Models, and SMEs specialising in AI/Machine Learning or research teams with expertise in cancer-related medical applications to expand the platform application to other medical conditions. Beneficiaries will receive funding, access to AI models, Ascape solutions and synthetic data, among others.

👉 Apply before 10th December.


Coming Soon | Advanced & Additive Manufacturing | up to €25k

PULSATE's Adopters Use Case open call will be looking for SMEs that would like to assess their implementation of Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) solutions in their business. Selected SMEs will be given a custom exploitation plan for the innovative solutions to be adopted within a three-month support programme, plus up to €25k to implement the project.

👉 Apply here.


Ongoing | HPC Computing

BonsAPPs is looking for European entities that own HPC computing and data resources capable of providing on-demand Access to HPC clouds to third parties:

👉 Apply here.

Are you looking for more funding opportunities?

🚀 Visit the MoneyBox.


FundingBox events
📆 22nd September

#Photonpreneurs - From researcher to CEO

What are the do’s and don’ts of raising capital? When is the right time to look for it? Join us for a live discussion with SMART Photonics’ Johan Feenstra and learn how to raise capital and run a deeptech company.

👉 Register here.

📆 30th September

AI4EU Cafe: BonsAPPs Open Call for AI Talents

Discover all you need to know about the BonsAPPs Open Call for AI talents and find out how to get up to €70k for developing AI Solutions.

👉 Register here.

📆 30th September

Change2Twin: How can SMEs get funds to deploy a digital twin?

Change2Twin is offering up to €90k and access to an 11-month mentoring programme to SMEs and mid-caps looking to implement a digital twin. Learn how to apply and fine-tune your proposal in this webinar.

👉 Register here.

📆 7th October

TOKEN Platform Launch Event

Can DLT / blockchain really help make public services more trustworthy, transparent, and efficient? Discover a new plug-and-play solution to simplify the implementation of Blockchain and Decentralised technologies within Public Services.

👉 Register here.

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