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GB, author of iNMR

Sep 16, 2014, 12:23:19 PM9/16/14
Up to version 5.3.9 of iNMR for Mac, you had to click away from a table before closing the dialog containing it.
If you forgot to click away, your last entry was ignored by the program. Now iNMR automatically performs that click for you. You can try, for example, the command Simulate > New Spectrum. Start editing a value in the table, then click on the OK button (do not hit the Return key!). You will see the difference between the old and the new version. If you find a dialog that still behaves in the old way, please let me know.

There are many improvements in the latest Windows version too, but they are even more difficult to explain. It's enough to say that the new version is more stable.

Finally, something very easy to explain, that is common to the two platforms: there's a change in the way Varian files are read. Now iNMR reads and trusts the existing phase correction. You start from the same phase correction that was applied on the spectrometer.
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