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GB, author of iNMR

Jun 7, 2013, 7:07:20 AM6/7/13
to iNMR
Every month there is a new version of iNMR. To verify if you are
already using the latest version for your platform there is an handy
command:"Check For Updates". On the Mac it's under the first menu from
left; on Windows it's the first menu from right.

After the November promotion of iNMR for Windows and after the
February promotion of iNMR reader, both succesfull, it's now the turn
for another two promotions.

(1) iNMR disposable at €50 instead of €150. You can save €100. The
promotion is limited to 1 copy per town.

(2) iNMR standard at €0 instead of of €300. You can save €300. The
promotion is limited to 1 copy per planet.

Both offers are valid until December 2013 and are not reserved to the
members of this group, so please forward this email to your
colleagues. The details of the promotion are explained at the page: under the title "free if you are fast
and lucky".

I know from experience, and it's confirmed by logic, that, if somebody
needs a professional program like iNMR, the price of €300 can't be an
obstacle. There is however an irrational component in our behavior
and… the site traffic of is too low. Please help me to
increase the web traffic and to fill this map with pins:

Your help will be much appreciated.

GB, author of iNMR

Jun 9, 2013, 7:00:33 AM6/9/13
to iNMR
Wiining is now easier. I have increased the number of free copies.
This is not like a normal draw, where the more the participants, the
less chances you have to win. Here you are sure winner if 100
customers join in the first 3 months. Considering that the members of
this group are more than 600, and that anybody else is welcome too,
the chance is real. The complete link for the details is:
Beware that, for students, the student promotion is more convenient
than this one. The price is the same, but you have two disposable
licenses instead of one.
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