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GB, author of iNMR

Apr 16, 2013, 5:58:28 AM4/16/13
to iNMR
With the release of Service Pack 1 and other updates, Windows 7 now
offers (almost) everything that iNMR needs. In other words, you can
print directly from iNMR even if you don't have Windows 8. A user
reported this problem when he attempted to print with Windows 7: the
lines were all transformed into triangular shapes. Maybe his printer
driver needs an update? The work-around consists in choosing, as
printer, "Microsoft XPS Document Writer". This generates a good-
looking file that can be easily sent to the printer. Do you have
problems printing _directly_ from iNMR on Windows?

A thing that is not possible yet is to paste a normal picture on
Windows, whichever version you have. I don't know if Windows 8 could
make the task easier. In 2012 I was working with the developer preview
of WIndows 8, which expired in January. My Visual Studio Ultimate beta
also expired on the same date. Now I have switched back to Windows 7
and Visual Studio Express 2012. This is enough, for the moment being,
because Windows 8 users are still a rarity.

iNMR 2.0.5 for Windows allows you to enrich your documents with a
chemical formula. Save the latter as a *.mol file. After opening an
iNMR document, use the File>Open command to add the desired mol files.
Once added, the structure can be resized (drag the bottom-right
corner) or modified in other ways (right-click on it).
Structures remain visible when the document is opened on a Mac. You
can also do the job on a Mac and see the results on Windows. The
compatibility is complete.

Microsoft says that the extended support for XP will last until April
8 2014. It's another 347 days. Enough a reason to force your
institution to upgrade, if you are still using XP.

There are still several small things that only the Mac version can do.
I have not bothered because my impression is that nobody is actually
using those features. The Windows version is already vast enough to
keep everybody happy. If you disagree, just write.
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