Remixed Head Tests

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Shido Xen

Jul 26, 2021, 11:32:50 PMJul 26
to InMoov
Still a bit to go on the remixed head I'm working on, but here is some of the footage from testing today and yesterday.

Please forgive the messy face plates, was one of the first PETG prints I attempted and didn't have anything dialed in yet. The slots on the mask are also likely to be scrapped. They were for an easy version 4 motor brow mech, but I'm going to attempt to make a magnet held version at this point so we don't need the extra dust holes cut in. :D

Currently testing in Nixiecore!? :)  Current nixie version but using Ray Edgley's FRED build set up. (includes a swinggui.).

First Calibration test - Jaw

First Calibration test - Left Eye

First Calibration test - Both eyes (Certainly will take a bit more calibrating to get them running nicely together, but will try and bang that out in the next few days.)

Eyes have camera slots for raspi spycams (likely going to run them as a webcam myself, but seems many others are trying out the raspi MRL set up recently so that works for them also), slotted in 7 led neopixels and they work as independent 4 servo eye mechs so that they are easier for people to adapt to other projects. Easier to place... not to calibrate. XD

Running off an arduino nano connected to a PCA9685 at the moment. Maybe nervoboards 3.0 will have the slots for that kinda thing eventually Gael!? :D :D

Lets see....the layout plan so far is as such. 
8 servos - Eyes
3 servos (2pin) - Jaw (2 axis.... may try and squeeze in a 3rd eventually)
1 servo - Rot Neck
4 servos - Eyebrows (Still need to work the mech out on the no groove version)

One empty slot on the PCA9695 so hey perhaps that jaw will be a thing eventually. :)

Still trying to keep the semi traditional Inmoov look so skipping the lips and cheeks etc for now so it doesn't require a silicone mask or anything like that to not look too freaky. Also Ray wanted his Raspi in the head so I don't think I have room for the servobox for all that stuff. Maybe a 2nd head project in the future for masked versions. *don't wait for it, may be awhile* XD

The files will be available on thingiverse to play with once I finish up the brows and adjust some extra support on the headplate.  Also need to bang out a bit more of the coding so it is more worky for people and less change of breaking things. 

gael langevin

Aug 2, 2021, 3:00:20 AMAug 2
to Shido Xen, InMoov
Hello Shido,
Wow, really nice conversion job!
The eyes are moving very well and the mecanism seems to be running smoothly.
Not sure if InMoov needs to open such a huge mouth but hey maybe if you try to make it sing that could be useful.

It's incredible to see all the variant versions builders have made over the years and I am glad if you share it on thingiverse for others to use.
When you do so, let me know, this way I will add it in the derivatives collection.

Also let us see it with the complete, eyes, jaw, face in another video when you are ready.
I am impatient!

Gael Langevin
Creator of InMoov
InMoov Robot

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Shido Xen

Aug 6, 2021, 1:45:40 PMAug 6
to InMoov
Haha you are absolutely correct on the mouth opening range. It was more a case of since we have the range, might as well keep it in the calibration for the if and when. I'm sure it come be fun at some point in time. :)

Yeah certainly will be sharing it once I'm all finished with it and will provide the thingiverse link. Taking me longer than would have liked since I'm still newish on this design business, but slowly chipping away at it. Once I know everything is functioning well enough and have the test runs complete I'll likely make a tutorial on the put together also.
Then there is the get it functional in MRL side of things. *yikes* but also on the list. :)

No huge updates since the last post but made some progress on the magnetic brows I believe. Can check this out if at all curious.

Now I will say this. It is not the mech I really wanted to go with. I was trying to work out a purely 3d printed (beyond servos and magnets) version, but I was getting frustrated on spacing and bumps on some parts on the mask.  I'm planning on playing with the actual skull/mask files a bit at some point. (so far doing by hand since I had enough spare bits around to make a whole outer head already, and I too am impatient.), but I'll likely go back after playing with the skull/mask files and retouch on it and see if I can get it to work. This seems to work well enough for the moment though, just... would have been nice to skip the servo connectors. So far getting away without needing golden rod or any fancy cables and just using ABS filament as push/pull rods so it isn't terrible or anything on the expense/supply side.

I'll update you once I get a bit further along and have everything together. :)
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