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Aug 19, 2021, 3:26:22 PMAug 19
to InMoov
Hi everybody

I have two printers:
- a prusa 
- an artillery sidewinder x1

On the Prusa, when I print the calibrator file, there is no problem. Everything go in everything.
On Artillery, I have problems.The parts seem bigger.
I calibrate my printer with cube, I calibrate the extrudor..... but the calibrator stl fail.

Do you have some stl to print to help me to calibrate the printer?

Thanks in advance.


gael langevin

Aug 19, 2021, 5:15:57 PMAug 19
to Laurent GERMAIN, InMoov
Some printers are hard to properly calibrate.
I am glad you have a Prusa to see the difference between your two printers.
Do you use the same slicer for both printers?
Some slicers act differently when printing the perimeter layers.
You can try reducing the extrusion width.
The only STL to calibrate is the "calibrator.stl"

Gael Langevin
Creator of InMoov
InMoov Robot

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