Where can I find guidance on using Kraken on Mac?

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Justin Z.

Aug 1, 2021, 9:22:44 PMAug 1
to InMoov

Given some suggestions I received, I'm moving from the latest version of MRL to MRL v1.0.1723 Kraken. On the InMoov MRL page, I only see zip files for Windows:

"The InMoov3 scripts are working well with MyRobotLab 1.0.1723 release that you can download here.

* Download MyRobotLab 1.0.1723 for Windows 32 bits
* Download MyRobotLab 1.0.1723 for Windows 64 bits

Normally I'd guess that Windows Zip opens just fine on Mac. These zip files, however, don't open and gives me this error:  "Unable to expand "myrobotlabX64.1.0.1723.zip" into "inmoov". (Error 2 - No such file or directory.)

Can I work with InMoov partially without this zip file? Later when I work with InMoov3.Deep.AB.V7.py, one path refers to ".\ProgramAB bots\gestures". I can't find such path and I guess it is supposed to be expanded from the zip file.

Any hint is appreciated. I have built half of InMoov and hope to test it with MRL. Are people testing InMoov using any other platform that also works with the nervo boards?


gael langevin

Aug 2, 2021, 2:36:59 AMAug 2
to Justin Z., InMoov
What is the reason you would want to use Kraken?
Kraken is not supported anymore by the MRL developers and personally I wouldn't try to use that old version because it contained many bugs that were fixed with Manticore.

If you need a working stable version to run InMoov, you should use Manticore.

Gael Langevin
Creator of InMoov
InMoov Robot

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Justin Z.

Aug 13, 2021, 7:32:43 PMAug 13
to gael langevin, InMoov
Hi Gael,

Thanks for your response. I remember I saw it somewhere someone said that to avoid certain problems I can move back to Kraken. I’ll use Manticore onward. 


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