So I tried Inmoov2 for the first time.

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Shido Xen

Sep 28, 2021, 5:56:46 PMSep 28
to InMoov


gael langevin

Sep 29, 2021, 3:05:05 AMSep 29
to Shido Xen, InMoov
That doesn't help me much to solve problems.
InMoov2 is mainly focused on simplifying the initial configuration for beginner users with it's graphical frontend.
But as you noticed, currently Nixie cannot run InMoov2 as Manticore could, with all it's services activated and that is probably what you expected.
Please share details of your experience here or on shoutbox, so we can fix things before the official release.

Gael Langevin
Creator of InMoov
InMoov Robot

Le mar. 28 sept. 2021 à 23:56, Shido Xen <> a écrit :


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Shido Xen

Sep 29, 2021, 9:49:46 AMSep 29
to InMoov
I enjoy helping. :)

Certainly will be sharing the findings and hopefully get enough grasps on the basic set up and feeling to make some kind of intro video to setting up Inmoov2 for people.
I can drop any major issues I find in the shoutbox for ya if you'd like, but we finally have both GroG and Kwatters on discord "They made a MRL discord channel yesterday" which makes throwing images/vids and all that kind of stuff at them very convenient.

One of these days we need to convince you to pop on there too so you can check progress on the legs! No pressure, but you may find it interesting even if popping in every once in a blue moon. :)

MRL channel

General Inmoov Channel

Leg Development Channel

Shido Xen

Sep 29, 2021, 9:55:11 AMSep 29
to InMoov
Forgot to add

- Ray Edgely's channel for updates on his Inmoov FRED build.

We all seem to pop between the 4 channels but try and keep them independent for the focus of each group.
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