inkface v0.2.3 (with API docs)

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Jayesh Salvi

Mar 18, 2009, 1:39:56 PM3/18/09

I just posted inkface v0.2.3 tarball and another tarball that contains html API docs for pygame backend. (r1144)

Following are the highlights:

1. Basic support for Clutter - (that's why the package name is only inkface - it supports two backends pygame, clutter). The ClutterCanvas, ClutterFace and ClutterCanvasElement objects do the job of converting SVG elements into clutter actors. The working tests can be found under inkface2/tests/clutter directory.
2. A workaround was implemented in PygameCanvas so that it will also work on pygame v1.7.x which is what is shipped on Maemo Diablo SDK. All the tests that pass on desktop, also pass inside SDK (except for tests, because of a networking bug/setting problem in scratchbox)
3. Added support for multi line text elements. (A text file reader app was created to demo this functionality - it is in inkface2/apps/inkreader directory)
4. Fixed handling of radial gradients with gradientTransform attributes. They work as expected now.
5. Added support for specifying zero framerate during pygame canvas creation. For non-zero framerates, the canvas spawn an internal thread to do canvas updates framerate number of times per second. On resource constrained devices (my experiments on Openmoko) it might be desirable to not waste resources on this extra thread if there is no need of animations. The app can still manually redraw the canvas, by calling its paint() method.
6. Added an script - inkface2/utils/ - it autogenerates the directory structure and creates some source files with template code to get the app programmer started.
7. Thanks to ekondrashev, fixed couple of bugs - parsing of transform matrix is now immune to stray white spaces, color codes specified in "rgb(255,255,255)" format are supported
8. Added Sphinx documentation files. You can find the generated docs tarball named inkface_0.2.3_docs.tar.gz under downloads.
9. Directory structure changes - inkface-pygame is now inkface2.

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