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Commentary on Waco Raid - Long

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Oct 8, 1993, 11:03:29 PM10/8/93
Excert from The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (July 1993), PO Box
84904, Phoenix, Arizona 85071.

Copied in part and distributed with permission of the McAlvaney
Intelligence Advisor:

"Readers of this issue of MIA are encouraged to read it several
times, think about it, discuss it with familiy members, and copy
and distribute it as widely as possible, and file it for future


(A Case Study in Police State Tactics In America)

"The devices of power and its minions are the same in all
countries and in all ages. It marks its victim; denounces it;
and excites the public hatred, to conceal its own abuses and
encroachments." Senator Henry Clay, March 14, 1834.

On Monday, April 19, 1993 the US government, in an act of mass
murder unrivaled in US history (intended to send a warning to gun
owners and so-called "religious nuts" across the country), burned
86 people, including 24 children, to death in the Branch Davidian
compound in Waco, Texas -- climaxing a 51-day siege launched by
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, (BATF) on February
28, 1993. As editorialist Charley Reese recently wrote: "When
you start with an "allegation" that gun control law has been
violated, and you end up with nearly 100 people, including 25
children, killed, and millions of taxpayers dollars down the
drain, that's bad law enforcement no matter how you slice it."

On February 28, the US government (led by BATF) launched an
assault with 100 militarized warriors and large amounts of
military equipment against the Branch Davidian religious commune,
their church and their home, in its Mt. Carmel compound near
Waco, Texas. The original attack left four BATF agents dead and
16 wounded and somewhere between 5 and 10 Branch Davidians dead.
The attack had been planned for nearly a year, using an almost
identical replica compound in Arkansas built for training by the
BATF. Photographs taken by aircraft provided the exact
dimensions of all structures as well as the locations of the
windows and doors.

The BATF botched the original raid in every way possible
maintaining that they were simply trying to serve a search
warrant to look for illegal weapons inside the compound (i.e.,
with 100 troops, stun grenades, helicopter gunships, etc.).
There seems a strong possibility that at least some of the BATF
agents were killed or wounded by "friendly" fire from their own
men, or from the helicopter gunships overhead. Several unarmed
Branch Davidians not in the compound, but on or near the grounds
were shot and killed by BATF snipers at the time of the raid (or
that evening). Military helicopters shot at the compound from
above and killed a young girl sitting on here bed nursing her

The final raid involved the FBI (who took over after the BATF
botched the operation) and the US Marines attacking the compound
with tanks, punching holes in the walls, pumping a battlefield
chemical warfare agent (CS gas) for six hours, and igniting fires
that killed all 86 inhabitants (i.e., 62 adults and 24 children,
including 17 under 10 years of age). As the Los Angeles Times
wrote: "Almost as many Americans died in the two assaults as
died in the entire Gulf War." In the aftermath of the massacre,
President Clinton, Attorney General Reno, and officials of the
FBI defended their action, claiming the Branch Davidians (a bunch
of religious nuts and child abusers) set fire to their own
compound, committing a massive, preplanned suicide.

Koresh and his followers held no hostages, had committed no
violent crimes, were not threatening to kill or harm anyone. The
were minding their own business on their own property. Everyone
in the compound was there of their own free will. Texas social
workers had been in the compound and found no indication that any
outsider who visited the compound would be in any danger. One of
the children living in the compound told her father, according to
him, that "it was a joy to live there."

A massive coverup by the Clintonistas, the FBI, the BATF and the
Establishment-controlled media has pacified the great majority of
the American public in spite of the worst massacre of men, women
and children by our government in US history. President Clinton
and the Establishment's message in the aftermath was clear: Let
this be a warning to religious misfits, dissidents, gun
regulations violators, Constitutionalists, and traditionalists:
Get in our way, oppose us, or thumb your nose at us and we will
destroy you -- by fire if necessary.

What a horror to watch men, women and children burned to death
for no other crime than resisting the omnipotent state. It is a
chilling example of the police state that is emerging in America
with ominous parallels to Nazi Germany, which "coincidentally"
massacred hundreds of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto exactly 50 years
earlier on April 19, 1943. Gun control, people control,
persecution of religious minorities and incredible ruthlessness
and wickedness were all part of the Third Reich in Germany and
are part of the Fourth Reich emerging in America today.

The Branch Davidians were not the first (nor will they be the
last) group the BATF has attacked for "alleged" gun control
violations. Last year alone, the BATF raided over 2,000 homes or
businesses with a number of innocent victims killed, and tens of
millions in assets seized and hundreds of Americans jailed, in
their quest for the Holy Grail called gun control. And it should
be realized that this gestapo-like organization did not just
arrive with Bill Clinton. It came on stream in 1968 with the Gun
Control Act of 1968 and has been growing in power and in its
attacks on the American people ever since.

As syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts noted: "the tragedy
near Waco happened precisely because of federal laws regulating
gun ownership. The Branch Davidians hadn't assaulted anyone.
The lived peacefully in the community. Except for federal gun
laws they would all still be alive. It is the liberal premise
that gun ownership is evil, should be illegal or at least heavily
regulated, and that has created an atmosphere in which the BATF
like an unthinking bully, can run roughshod over Americans'
constitutional rights, due process, and freedom."

It is obvious that the government (and the BATF) wanted a highly
publicized "victory" over gun owners and "religious nuts," and
thanks to the whitewashing and coverup by the Administration and
the media, the American people have by-and-large slept through
the most unspeakable slaughter of innocents in US history. In
spite of all the mess-ups, the government has its victory, gun
owners and religious groups across America now live in fear of
similar treatment at the hands of Clinton's Gestapo, and the
momentum toward gun control, toward persecution of Christians and
other minority religious groups, traditionalists, and
Constitutionalists, and towards a socialist America and the New
World Order continues to accelerate.


At 6:30 am MONDAY, April 19, government tanks began ramming and
punching holes in the Mt. Carmel compound nd a Special Operations
Team from Quantico, Virginia began pumping CS gas into the gaping
holes in the buildings. within hours 86 people were dead,
victims of a raging inferno that may well have been started by
the military tanks puncturing a propane tank and overturning
lanterns or candles used by the Branch Davidians for light and
heat, after federal officers cut off the power to the compound
some 50 days before.

The Davidian compound was a tinderbox constructed of used lumber,
plywood, and sheetrock tacked together with tar paper. Its
floors were littered with combustibles, including bales of hay
and kerosene, gasoline, and propane on which the Branch Davidians
were largely dependent after electricity was cut off by the
government. The potential for fire was obvious from the start
and well understood by the government.

If the inhabitants of Mt. Carmel had been dangerous terrorists,
drug dealers, or enemies on the battlefield, the government
attack could not have been more brutal.

After the initial attack (2/28/93) former McClennon County Texas
District Attorney Vic Feazell blamed the BATF for the deadly
confrontation, accusing them of "a vulgar display of power."

In 1987, Feazell helped lead an investigation of the Davidians
and their firearms, in which they were completely exonerated from
any illegal activity. "We treated them like human beings rather
than stormtrooping the place."

Likewise, Jack Harwell, the McClennon County Sheriff, called
Koresh on the telephone and informed him of the charges, and
asked him to turn himself in, along with six others and to
surrender their weapons. When deputies arrived at the Church
grounds, Koresh and the other Davidian members peacefully
complied. Feazell said of the Davidians, "They're protective of
what's theirs. They're protective of their land. They view
their land as Muslims to Mecca and Jews view Jerusalem...If
they'd (the BATF) called and talked to them, the Davidians
would've given them what they wanted."

Feazell's view of the BATF blundering has been seconded by anti-
terrorist expert Col. Charlie Beckwith, the founder of the US
Army's Delta Force Commando unit. He has told reporters the BATF
raid was an "embarrassment." Beckwith faulted the plan
implemented by the BATF, saying the intelligence behind it was
responsible for the disaster.

Subsequent to the first BATF attack Feazell predicted that the
government would kill all the Davidians, and after the massacre
(the second attack) he said that they intended to kill these
people from the beginning to cover the tracks of their own crimes
they committed by raiding the compound to begin with.

After the original public relations disaster on 2/28, the
government strategy seems to have evolved over the next 51 days
as follows: First, through a massive media discrediting of the
Davidians through the "party line" press over several weeks.
Second, by slowly preparing the public to believe that all of the
people remaining in the compound were under the total control of
an unpredictable psychopath, and to expect a mass suicide, yet
saying that there was no reason for them to believe that Koresh
would carry out a mass suicide. Third, to cloak their act in
righteousness (as tyranny always does) by saying their efforts on
Monday were to force the people out using non-lethal CS gas "for
the sake of the children."

1. USING CS GAS ON CHILDREN --- President Clinton, Janet Reno,
and their FBI/BATF employees have described CS gas as "a harmless
tear gas, an irritant, designed to cause the mothers to grab
their children and run out of the building." No one in the
police or military who has ever used CS gas believes this. CS
gas (O-chlorobenzylidene malonitrite) has been banned as a
chemical warfare agent by the Chemical Weapons Convention signed
in Paris in January by the US and 130 other nations. Used during
the Vietnam War to flush Vietcong from hidden tunnels, the gas
causes dizziness, disorientation, shortness of breath, chest
tightness, nausea, burning of the skin, intense tearing,
temporary blindness, coughing and vomiting -- in short it is
designed to blind and disable (very different from "relatively
harmless"). CS gas is a battlefield incapacitating gas!

On March 10, The Houston Chronicle reported that former Houston
police SWAT commander Lt. Jim Gunn said that "CS gas can get into
a child's lungs and cause congestion and dill them." Benjamin C.
Garrett, executive director of the Chemical and Biological Arms
Control Institute in Alexandria, VA said in the Washington Times
I(4/23/93) that: "the CS would have most harshly affected the
children in the compound. The reaction would have intensified
for the children since the smaller you are, the sooner you would
feel response." It is important to note that the children did
not have gas masks (they were too small to wear them).

Beth Stephens, a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional
Rights, public interest law firm based in New York, said "tests
have documented at least 80 deaths caused by exposure to CS gas.
Tests have found that CS is a toxic substance which is highly
dangerous to people who inhale its fumes, particularly when in
confined areas." CS was pumped into the Mt. Carmel compound (an
enclosed area) for six hours before the facility caught fire and
burned to the ground.

The Washington Times (4/22/93) wrote: "'The powerful chemical
the FBI used at the Branch Davidian compound would have turned
the cult children's last moments into a final Hell,' chemical
experts said yesterday. "It would have panicked the children
whose eyes would have involuntarily shut. Their throats and
lungs would have been burning. The would have been coughing
wildly,' said Benjamin Garrett. 'Eventually they would have been
vomiting in a final hell.'" [ED. NOTE: This is the gas Clinton,
Reno, and their underlings described as a "harmless irritant."]

Neal Knox, head of the Firearms Coalition, said recently: "CS
gas is classified as an irritant only in very low concentrations.
In higher concentrations such as in a building, it immobilizes by
nausea, vomiting and vertigo." thomas C. Swearengen, in his
authoritative reference work: Tear Gas Munitions, states that:
"In outdoor situations where it is desired to drive a mob from an
area, the sue of CS may hamper the movement of the rioters
because of the rapid onslaught of immobilization symptoms. In
indoor situations, a victim could be immobilized and could
possibly receive a lethal dose through his own helplessness."
Amnesty International calls CS "particularly dangerous when used
in massive quantities in heavily built up an populous areas ...
or when launched into homes or other buildings.

This writer has talked to a half dozen special forces, military,
and police personnel who all agree that CS is a highly toxic
battlefield immobilization gas. "Bo" Gritz told this writer that:
"CS gas is not just an irritant; it is designed to knock you down
and makes you incapable of any practical functions." That our
government would use it on women and children (thereby
immobilizing them and preventing them from running from the
building) is cruel, inhuman, and unspeakably evil, and is the
kind of thing the Nazis and Communists would have relished in.

[ED. NOTE: For this reason alone Clinton should be impeached,
and Reno, William Sessions and Stephen Higgins (head of the FBI
and BATF) should be fired and all four tried for criminal child
abuse. Isn't it ironic that Clinton and Company are pushing
criminal child abuse laws for spanking children, refusing to get
forced government inoculations, etc. and then helped perpetrate
this crime (the greatest example of government child abuse in US
history) on 24 innocent children. Ignore what they say, but watch
what they do!]

Special Forces retired Lt. Col "Bo" Gritz has said that the use
of CS gas in an enclosed space set the stage for a total inferno.
When the buildings exploded into flames, it was like they were
filled with natural gas. Flames exploded everywhere almost all
at once. Gritz has said on several national radio talk shows
(including one with this writer) that "the dispersant used in CS
gas, known in military assault circles as 'CAP,' is a highly
flammable dust initiator. Just a small spark would cause CS gas
to explode into an uncontrollable and engulfing fire."

CS gas, dispersed in a fine white particulant (powder) called CAP
is therefore highly flammable and explosive. It acts like coal
dust in a coal mine or dust in a grain elevator that can be
ignited into a conflagration by just one spark. This writer has
talked to a half dozen active duty or retired military personnel,
police, and government agents who have had hands on experience
with CS gas. All acknowledged that it is highly flammable and
explosive in an enclosed area and that that is common knowledge
in the military and police.

If that is true (and it is!) then the FBI and the Clinton people
must have known that by pumping the CS gas into the enclosed
(tinderbox) compound, that they were signing the Branch
Davidians's collective death warrant. Therefore, the strong
possibility needs to be considered that the Waco conflagration
was not an accident, that it wasn't mass suicide (which will be
discussed below) but premeditated, cold blooded, murder of 86
people -- in order to burn up the evidence of BATF's
illegal/unconstitutional attack on the compound on February 28 --
just as former McClennon County District Attorney Vic Feazell

One survivor said: "that the black smoke was so thick that
within seconds he couldn't see where he was. People were
trapped. The building was falling down. The damn tanks had just
destroyed the structure and nobody knew where they were because
the ceiling had just fallen in. Everyone was disoriented and
blinded by the (CS) gas."

Isn't it incredible! The American government has agreed not to
use CS gas against Iraqi (or any other) enemy soldiers but used
it against helpless women and children. What has our government
come to? And most Americans don't even see anything wrong with
their actions!

[ED NOTE: The burn units at local hospitals and hospitals as far
away as Dallas were warned hours before the final attack that
they could expect a large number of burn patients. The FBI must
have "expected" (or "planned"?) a fire!]

survivors said that there was no plan for a mass suicide or even
individual suicides. The Branch Davidian religion (an offshoot
of Seventh Day Adventism and totally different from that of Jim
Jones) forbade and taught against suicide. It should also be
remembered that no one commits suicide (except for a few Monks
during the Vietnam War) by burning themselves. There has never
been a mass suicide by burning.

The one thing that all family members have repeated time and
again is that no one in the group would have ever committed
suicide. Koresh was planning to write a book about the siege.
Steve Schneider asked his attorney if he should get his hair cut
before he came out of the compound or in jail. There were many
indications that these two Branch Davidian leaders and other
members were very future oriented and not contemplating suicide.

And yet, Clinton, Reno and the FBI justified their attack on the
compound by saying that they feared a mass suicide. Then after
the gas, which they pumped into the compound for six hours,
ignited a raging inferno that killed the 86, they said: "See, we
told you we feared a mass suicide." Could this have been a very
Machiavellian government strategy to get rid of the incriminating
evidence of their botched, unconstitutional 2/28 raid by burning
all the evidence and embarrassing court testimony, and calling it
mass suicide?

Koresh was found with a bullet hole in his forehead. Police
friends tell this writer that people don't commit suicide by
shooting themselves in the forehead. Koresh's first lieutenant,
Steve Schneider, was found with a bullet hole in the back of his
head. People don't commit suicide by shooting themselves in the
back of the head. Were the bullets fired later by government
agents to make it look like suicide? We will never know!


President Clinton gave a Rose Garden press conference on 4/20/93
in which he defended and sought to justify Reno's, the FBI's and
BATF's actions in Waco. The lies and distortions which Clinton
told in that press conference were incredible:

1) "The Branch Davidians had illegally stockpiled weapons and
ammunition." [ED NOTE: That was only suspected, but never
proven. Shouldn't the government have proven that before they
killed almost 100 people? Is it now lawful to kill people during
investigations of wrongdoing? Lawful or not, it is now
commonplace in America!]

2) Koresh "placed innocent children at risk." [ED NOTE: There
was no risk until the government attacked the compound. Wasn't
it Clinton, Reno, the BATF, and FBI that put the innocent
children at risk?]

3) "The Bureau's efforts were ultimately unavailing because the
individual with whom they were dealing, David Koresh, was
dangerous, irrational, and probably insane." [ED NOTE: None of
the townspeople who knew Koresh observed this, nor did the former
District Attorney of McClennon County, nor the sheriff's deputies
who knew him. He did have strange religious views, but most of
the townspeople who knew him liked him.]

4) Clinton said the April 19 FBI attack on the Branch Davidians
was "an effort to protect the young hostages." [ED NOTE: The
government didn't protect them, they killed them. And, the
children were not hostages. They were there of their own free
will. The Waco siege was never a hostage crisis.]

5) Clinton said: "Mr. Koresh response to the demand for his
surrender by federal agents was to destroy himself and murder the
children who were his captives...He killed those he controlled."
[ED. NOTE: There is no evidence that Koresh murdered any
children; it is open to question whether at the last moment he
shot himself; and children (according to local townspeople,
Branch Davidian survivors, and Texas social workers, were not

7) Clinton said: "I hope very much that others who will be
tempted to join cults and to become involved with people like
David Koresh will be deterred by the horrible scenes they have
seen over the last seven weeks." [ED. NOTE: Is this a not-so-
veiled threat that if you belong to an unpopular, misfit, non-
mainstream religious group, the same thing could happen to you?
The intimidation value from the Waco inferno for the government
against small religious groups, conservative, patriotic, pro-
life, or non-mainstream groups is incredible. Conform or we'll
destroy you!]

8) When asked by a reporter, "Why now," Clinton replied:
"There was a limit to how long the federal authorities could
maintain with their limited resources the quality and intensity
of coverage by experts there. They might be needed in other
parts of the country." [ED. NOTE: Limited resources? This is
the government which is giving billions of dollars to Russia in
aid and requesting billions more for 1001 boondoggles. And as
far as spreading the "experts" too thin, there were only a few
hundred troops and agents there. The government has tens of
thousands of federal agents and allegedly over a million military

9) Clinton said: "The danger of them [the Branch Davidians]
doing something to themselves or to others was likely to
increase, not decrease, with the passage of time." [ED NOTE:
Quite to the contrary, as time went by, the likelihood that they
would come out increased, according to experts who have dealt
with many of these types of crises.]

10) Clinton said: "They [the FBI] had reason to believe that the
children inside the compound were being abused significantly, as
well as being forced to live in unsanitary and unsafe
conditions." [ED NOTE: There was no evidence of child abuse
according to several Texas social workers who had visited the
compound. However, the gassing (with CS gas) and burning of the
children by the Clintonistas does seem to this writer to qualify
as child abuse. And if the conditions were unsanitary and unsafe
in the compound it was because the government had turned off the
water, heat and electricity 50 days earlier. Government gunfire
into the building might also qualify as "an unsafe condition."]

11) Clinton said: "I was frankly surprised to say that anyone
would suggest that the Attorney General should resign because
some religious fanatics murdered themselves." [ED NOTE: But
what if the Attorney General and her subordinates murdered these
people? Will your religious group be the next one to be labeled
by Mr. Clinton or Ms. Reno as "dangerous religious fanatics"?]

12) Clinton said: "There is unfortunately a rise in this sort of
fanaticism all over the world. And we may have to confront it
again." {ED NOTE: Is that a veiled threat against other
religious non-conformist groups?]

13) Clinton said: "I do think it is important to recognize that
the wrong doers in this case were the people who killed others
and then killed themselves." {ED NOTE: This is like declaring
the Jews of the Nazi holocaust as the "wrongdoers" for killing
German military officers and then killing themselves by rushing
headlong into the gas chambers.]

Jack Wheeler, a contributing editor to the Strategic Investment
Newsletter, summed it up quite well: "Let me state things
clearly. It is one thing to be laughably incompetent, quite
another to be murderously incompetent. I think the President
should be impeached and the Attorney General indicted for murder.
To hear how over 20 children endured a nightmare of torture by CS
poison gas, and then see the Attorney General praised in Congress
and hear the President ruthlessly dismiss their deaths in a tone
of voice as devoid of humanity as Lenin's, has for the first time
in my life made me ashamed of being an American."

b) THE CHILD ABUSE ACCUSATION -- "Child abuse" is the new buzz
phrase and headline grabber of the Clintonistas and the political
left in america, and by their definition can include spanking
your children; failure to get your children mandatory government
inoculations; failure to teach your children about alternate
lifestyles; and eventually home schooling may be included.

The Clinton Administration has tried to justify their Waco
massacre by accusing the Branch Davidians of being child abusers.
(It is very important Constitutionally to note that child abuse
is a local or state crime and therefore does not fall under the
authority of the federal government [i.e., the FBI, BATF, etc.].)
President Clinton, Janet Reno, and other officials, through their
spokesman George Stephanopoulos said on 4/21/93: "there is
absolutely no question that there's overwhelming evidence of
child abuse in the Waco compound." George Stephanopoulos said:
"The children were being abused, even to the instruction on how
to clamp down on cyanide pills." The FBI has conceded that there
was no truth to this claim by Stephanopoulos.

Janet Reno claimed on April 19 that it was concern for the
children that had first brought federal attention to the
Davidians, that "suspected" sexual abuse of children was a basis
for the original raid, and that the decision to punch holes in
the compound and insert "chemical irritant" was based in part on
"information that informants were being slapped around and
beaten." She subsequently admitted, though, that "we can't prove
child abuse in terms of a criminal case."

[ED NOTE: Incredible! It was supposedly "concern for the
children, their sexual and physical well being" that caused Reno
and her associates to pump in lethal CS gas for six hours when
those children had no gas masks, an act that probably killed
those children with the fire that followed! Ron Paul recently
remarked: "How dare the Clinton Administration talk about sexual
deviance! It's officials could have had their own float in the
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Parade."]

The facts seem to vary from the Clintonista version. The Texas
child welfare department, which had visited Mt. Carmel several
times, said that they found no evidence of child abuse at the
compound and they interrogated children and mothers and other
adults extensively. Dr. Bruce Perry, the psychiatrist heading
the team treating the 21 children who left the compound, said
after intensive psychological as well as physical examinations
that "none of the 21 children had been sexually abused or

The Texas Department of Human Services had on three occasions
extensively investigated the Branch Davidians regarding
allegations of child abuse at the compound, interviewing both
children and adults, and found no signs of physical or sexual
abuse. Janice Caldwell, the executive director of the Texas
Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, told reporters
on March 5: "They [the 21 children] are in remarkably good shape
considering what they have been through. No signs of physical
abuse have been found." The March 6 Houston Post reported that
authorities had found that all the youths appear to be in good
condition psychologically and physically. Social worker Joyce
Sparks said, according to the Post, that "the children [ED NOTE:
who were home schooled] were remarkably well-educated and they're
fascinated by books." [ED NOTE: Compare those opinions by Texas
medical, social, and welfare experts with accusations by Clinton
and Reno. Who's lying and tho's telling the truth? Who's trying
to protect themselves? It's call CYA. As Alexander Cockburn
wrote in the Los Angeles Times (4/21/93): "Incredibly, today
when the government calls someone a 'child abuser,' it's like
calling someone a communist in the 1950s or a witch in the 17th
century. Normal standards of evidence or reason don't apply."

WASH) -- The US government has refined the art of political
coverup to a science. They have had practice: 1) The POW/MIA
coverup after World War II, Korea, and Vietnam whereby thousands
of American POWs and servicemen were left in the hands of the
communists; 2) The Kennedy Assassinations (John and Bobby)
Coverup which is now in its 31st year; 3) The Watergate Coverup
which ultimately backfired on Nixon and Company; 4) The AIDS
coverup presently being perpetrated by the government a(and
particularly the CDC) to hide the extent and magnitude of the
AIDS crisis; and, now, 5) The Waco Massacre Coverup.

government agencies) love to burn, bulldoze or cremate the
evidence. In the Weaver case, the government tried to burn out
the Weaver cabin by dumping fuel on the cabin via helicopter and
only an alert reporter waving a camera in the air saved the
surviving Weavers from the same fate as the Branch Davidians.
Shortly after Randy Weaver, Kevin Harris and the three Weaver
girls came out of the cabin, the BATF and FBI grabbed the bodies
of Vicki and Sam Weaver and had them cremated. Therefore, no
trial evidence from autopsies. (Sam Weaver, age 114, was shot
several times in the back by the marshals, Vicki in the head by
an FBI sniper).

When Congressman John Ashbrook (R-OH), who was investigating
potentially illegal Rockefeller bank dealings with Russia, died
suddenly of massive stomach bleeding over a decade ago, his wife
(under pressure from the government) had his body quickly
cremated -- with no autopsy. Ashbrook's death had all the
symptoms of a poisoning. When Gordon Kahl was killed in Arkansas
by government agents in 1983, the cabin in which he was killed
was burnt to the ground and Kahl's body and all evidence at the
crime scene was burned up. (The FBI controlled the crime scene
from beginning to end.)

In Waco, on April 19, crucial physical evidence and key witnesses
were consumed by fire. Then on May 12, FBI officials, citing the
fear that someone might fall in the bunker (though the entire
site was fenced and guarded), and a need to fill holes and cover
trash and raw sewage for safety and health reasons, rolled
bulldozers across the burned out compound completely obliterating
any remaining evidence.

b) SILENCING BATF AND FBI AGENTS -- Shortly after the original
BATF attack, two agents came forward on TV in New York (though
their faces were not shown) and said they were afraid of a
coverup. All BATF agents have already been threatened by the
Washington office of BATF with the possibility of being punished,
dismissed, or prosecuted for speaking publicly about the raid.
The agency is struggling to keep these agents silent. Four of
their comrades died because of bungling, malfeasance, and
mendacity at the top of the BATF.

THE BATF -- The Clintonistas, immediately after the fire,
suggested an "independent" investigation to investigate the
burned out Branch Davidian compound site and confirm the "truth."
That "independent" investigator, who claimed the fire had been
set by the Davidians (based, he said, on infrared photos taken
from a helicopter) was revealed on ABC Nightline to be a former
BATF employee (who had been on a joint BATF task force for 10
years) and long time contractor for the FBI, whose wife is
personal secretary to the head of the Houston BATF -- where the
whole raid was planned. The FBI controlled the crime scene for
three weeks following the holocaust, letting no Texas Rangers,
local police or truly independent arson investigators in, and
then bulldozed the entire site on May 12. (So, now, no one else
can investigate the burnt out compound.)

THE FINAL ASSAULT -- Although Bill Clinton promised a "vigorous
and thorough" investigation of the handling of the entire Waco
affair, on May 15 the Justice Department said it would not
investigate the decision making process associated with the final
assault. (This is like saying in a murder case we will not
investigate who pulled the trigger or who gave the order to pull
the trigger, or in Watergate, not investigating who gave the
order for the Watergate break-in). As the New York Times
(5/16/93) said: "Clinton officials said that since Ms. Reno has
been widely supported in Congress, and since polls show that the
majority of Americans supported her decision to use tear gas, and
blame the cult members themselves for the final deadly fire,
department officials concluded that nothing could be gained by
looking more closely at her order to carry out the assault."

"Governments are constituted to lie to the greatest number of
people the greater part of the time." Machiavelli, in The

BATF, FBI, and Clinton Administration officials have consistently
lied and contradicted themselves since the siege of Mt. Carmel
began. Just a few of a growing list of the lies include:

1. The media was told the day before the raid (2/27) to get
ready for a big blowout and to get their TV cameras in place.
The BATF originally denied it told the media, but later admitted
that it had.

2. The BATF said that Koresh had to be arrested at the compound
because he had not left it for several months. Numerous people
in the area said that was a lie and that they had frequently seen
him out jogging, at the store, and in town until shortly before
the attack. The BATF finally admitted they knew nothing about
Koresh's movement because they NEVER even put him under
surveillance, let alone did they try to arrest him.

3. The BATF originally said that they had an arrest warrant for
Koresh and a search warrant for the compound. Later it was shown
that they only had a search warrant and no arrest warrant.

4. The BATF said that the element of surprise was the key to
success and that they wouldn't have attacked if they had known
that the Branch Davidians were expecting them. This was a lie.
Everyone in town, including the Branch Davidians knew about the
coming attack. They moved a whole army of men and equipment up
to the compound. Later BATF director Higgins admitted that they
knew they had lost the element of surprise and went ahead with
the attack anyway. That decision caused the death of four BATF

5. The BATF told the Texas National Guard (in order to obtain
use of their helicopters), that there was an illegal drug lab at
the compound. There was no evidence of this before, during, or
after the raid according to the Waco Tribune-Herald (3/28/93).

6. On March 6, FBI officers denied that they had any plans to
use psychological warfare techniques against the Branch Davidians
(i.e., such as loud rock music, bright lights, weird sounds).
The FBI used them constantly throughout the siege.

7. In his press conference the evening of the fire, Bill Clinton
said Janet Reno had acted "because of the children" who were
"being abused." Later, officials admitted that there was no
evidence of child abuse.

8. On March 2, the FBI's Bob Ricks told reporters that when the
FBI approached Koresh, he was going to go outside with grenades
(in front of the TV cameras), pull the pin, commit suicide and
take as many agents with him as he could. On 4/20 on
McNeil/Lehrer Newshour FBI Director William Sessions said that
all of the FBI analyses of Koresh indicated that he would never
commit suicide.

9. On April 28, FBI Deputy Director Floyd Clarke told the House
Judiciary Committee that the "Branch Davidians had used their own
children as human shield by holding them up in front of the
windows." The truth is, the Branch Davidians hoisted their
children up to the windows to see the M1-A1 Abrams battle tanks
sitting in their front yard, as FBI spokesman Richard Swensen
later admitted.

10. BATF Director Stephen Higgins testified before a Senate
subcommittee (4/2/93) that the BATF mission failed only "because
the Branch Davidians ambushed the BATF." What a lie. The BATF
attacked the Branch Davidians and not the other way around.

11. The FBI and Janet Reno stated repeatedly that the reason they
attacked the compound on April 19 was "concern for the safety and
well being of the children." This was a lie! You don't ram into
buildings with military tanks and pump CS gas (a gas so deadly
and debilitating that it has been banned by international treaty
for use in warfare) into a building filled with women and
children, and call it "a concern for the safety of the children."

12. CS gas was described by Clinton, Reno and FBI officials as a
harmless (irritant) tear gas. This is a lie! It is 80 times
stronger than tear gas, immobilizes its victims and throws them
into violent coughing and convulsions (i.e., the "perfect" weapon
for a police state to use against young children and women!).

13. Clinton said on 4/20/93 that CS was a "tear gas which had
been tested not to cause permanent damage to adults or children."
That is a lie! (See Section A,1 above.)

14. The government said they had exhausted all avenues to resolve
the standoff. This is a lie! They refused to let any of the
family members speak with the Branch Davidians even though this
has helped to resolve many such former standoffs. They refused
to let "Bo" Gritz and Jack McLamb, who negotiated Randy Weaver
and his family out last August, assist, although they volunteered
numerous times.

15. The BATF said after the February 28 fiasco that "we were
outgunned." That was a lie! They had helicopter gunships,
armored vehicles, and fully automatic weapons to use against the
Branch Davidians, not to mention stun grenades and the military's
most high tech equipment.

16. George Stephanopoulos said: "The children were being abused,
even to instruction on how to clamp down on cyanide pills."
Though this makes for chilling headlines, the FBI has denied that
this was true.

17. On April 19, FBI spokesman Bob Ricks quoted Branch Davidian
survivor Renos Avraam as saying: "The fire's been lit. The
fire's been lit." But when questioned on camera by reporters,
Avraam said: "One of the tanks knocked over a gas lantern, and
it started a fire under some bales of hay that were laying
around...The fire wasn't started by us."

mainline media in America is owned by the Establishment and is
by-and-large very pro-Clinton. So, unlike the Rodney King case
where they were instantly for King and against the police, in
Waco the media were instantly for the BATF and FBI and against
the Branch Davidians. There has been "some" accurate newspaper
coverage, but for the most part the media has reported the
Clintonista party line on Waco 100%, and has totally ignored the
Constitutional, due process, and human rights issues.

During MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour (4/20/93) terrorism "expert"
Frank McGuire claimed that "David Koresh had left a trail of
criminal behavior going back to 1987," (which was not true) and
Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Bill Thompson described him
"as one of the vilest mass murderers of our time," (which also
was not true). FBI spokesman Bob Ricks labeled Koresh "a
classical sociopath," Attorney General Janet Reno branded him "a
dangerous criminal," and bill Clinton called him "dangerous,
irrational, and probably insane." Then the media repeated these
unsubstantiated (and largely untrue) allegations thousands of
times, and to the average American they became "truth." [ED:
The dynamic duo of government and media have the ability to
create "reality", or the "appearance of reality" out of thin

Such unsubstantiated statements served to condition the pubic to
accept the Draconian government response as justified, no matter
how unconstitutional and brutal, since the target was
characterized as a monster who had to be brought down by any

[ED NOTE: It has occurred to this writer that he has seen no
pictures of the people killed at Waco, including the children.
After a plane crash or other tragedy, pictures of the victims
(while alive) are usually shown. Not so with Operation Waco.
The pictures might elicit public sympathy (e.g., these were real
people, real children, real babies which were slaughtered. No
pictures are likely to be forthcoming.]

Then shortly after the 4/19 inferno, the make-for-TV, network
movies began to emerge, retelling the government version in gory
detail. First came the NBC made-for-TV presentation, which
faithfully followed the FBI/BATF/Clintonista party line.
According to the 5/3/93 issue of Time, before the last bodies
were removed from the rubble in Waco an NBC film crew was already
recording the re-enactment scenes at the reconstruction of the
actual site in Oklahoma.

CONCLUSION: Does anyone really think that a Justice Department
investigation of its own FBI, or a Treasury Department
investigation of its own BATF will be anything besides a total
whitewash? And as for a Congressional investigation, Senator
Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ), a member of the Senate Judiciary
Committee, has already said, regarding a congressional
investigation: "I'm not looking for them to blame anyone or
anything like that." The fix is already in! They must cover up
and bury the biggest potential political scandal in US history.
If Watergate could send the Nixon Administration, Wacogate, which
is 100 times bigger, could certainly sink the Clinton
Administration. But it won't -- it will be completely covered
up! Watch for disappearing BATF and/or FBI agents who know too
much and don't like what they saw, or for strange things
happening to Branch Davidian survivors in jail. Remember Jack
Ruby's sudden cancer. Before it is over, the coverup will be
thorough, total, and perhaps as deadly as the massacre itself!

dennis ........................ PRO Electronic Information Committee

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