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Anthony Sorace

Feb 18, 2022, 3:04:40 PM2/18/22
to 9fans, inferno-os
Plan 9 is applying to GSoC again!

The application period closes on Monday, and our formal application is in. As is the case every year, the most critical part of an application is the org's ideas page[1]. We'd love additional fleshed-out contributions for that. Since we had a little confusion on this last year, please note that we're looking specifically for well-developed ideas that would be good summer-sized projects for new contributors, from folks willing to mentor those projects (rather than "it'd be neat if someone would do X"); see the existing ideas page for examples (some of which are more developed than others, certainly!).

If you're interested in mentoring, please let me know! Bringing your own project idea is great, but we can also use more experienced, eager folks to pair up with new contributors on other projects.

We've got an overview page[2], and all the program details are on Google's GSoC page[3], and you might be interested in the program timeline[4] in particular.

One other note, for those of you who're familiar with the program, there are a few notable changes, which Google goes into in a post[5] about them. In brief, though:

- The program is now open to a lot more than just formal students
- There are two project sizes: large ("traditional") and medium (like last year's)
- The timing of the work is more flexible.

I think these are all great (even if they make a little more work for admins and mentors!) and should be nice additions to the program.

Your friendly neighborhood org admin,

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