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Oct 26, 2017, 6:33:01 PM10/26/17
to inferno-os

I'm new to Inferno so before I ask the question please let me state my assumptions. It is my understanding that Vita Nuova and the Inferno community purchased/inherited a large swath of the software associated with Bell Labs, Lucent, Plan 9, Inferno, etc. So I am coming here to inquire about software that would have previously been held under a more restrictive license to find out if I can get access to or begin to understand any of it. If any of this is inaccurate then please correct me, because the questions might be kind of pointless.

The question are 1) does Vita Nuova/Inferno have a publicly accessible fileserver similar to Bell Labs or the 9p.io mirror where someone can see contributed software etc. and 2) does Vita Nuova have software that that was previously held under a restrictive license that I might be able to access more freely now. More specifically when looking through old 9fans archives I found out that there was NAT and firewall software internal to Lucent. Mention of Lucent internal software, [1], and Inferno Cisco PIX reference, [2]. Its not much to go on, but that appears to be the way things are in general. I think the firewall software would be nice, but I'm not necessarily here for that software specifically, I would just like to know what, if anything, is available to me.

Forgive my ignorance,
-- Aaron

[1]: https://marc.info/?l=9fans&m=111558800207160&w=2
[2]: https://marc.info/?l=9fans&m=111558706719395&w=2

Anthony Sorace

Oct 27, 2017, 4:27:16 PM10/27/17
to inferno-os
I don't speak for Vita Nuova, but:

Vita Nuova got Inferno, but not Plan 9. Plan 9 had been open source since before that happened, and VN are certainly experts with it, and have offered service/training/consulting support based on that, but don't own it.

1) I believe the answer is "no". It mostly has been "no", at least. There have been a few experiments here, but nothing really stuck.

2) Aside from what's in the Inferno distribution itself, which was largely closed-source for the time Lucent had it and is now open, the answer is mostly "no" here, too.
2.1) The firewall was Inferno based, but was from a separate group inside Lucent, and I don't believe that code made it outside. Possibly I'm wrong on that part, but, honestly, I don't think you'd want it. Inferno has changed a bit since it was implemented, networking certainly has, and... from memory, I think it involved some weird Java web interface? It's been a little while.
2.2) The PIX was not based on Inferno (I also don't think it was based on Plan 9, but they used Plan 9 as the development environment). The PIX was intel-based, and I suspect the reference in the link you cited was mostly the stock 386 port (maybe some additional drivers).

The PIX was developed mostly by Brantley Coile, who's now making storage systems which are (still, I hope!) based on Plan 9; see Coraid.


Go Phone

Aug 12, 2021, 11:15:46 AM8/12/21
to inferno-os
Inferno's man 3 ip seems to allude NAT applications running on Inferno.

Just want to check if anyone has any additional details about it other than what Anthony mentioned sometime ago.



Aug 14, 2021, 10:15:44 AM8/14/21
to inferno-os
The second edition contains a packet filter:

Is that relevant?
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