Targeted: Is there a safe place for targeted individuals?

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White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Aug 4, 2018, 5:15:20 PM8/4/18
Brother Anonymous ,
We discussed over the phone about a group of targeted individuals are trying to buy land. There is a house where targeted individuals have gathered (Pacts). 

However, healing and prevention is not happening and this is what we are planning to do, create mobile hospitals and a task force to prevent pedophilia and it's "targeting game" perpetuated by electronic terrorism. We are a street ministry who need people to help us on the streets. Bring their motorhomes and get others to gather with us as well. We need veterans and warriors of the Rainbow. Things happen so fast, that even by Monday we could be on foot, if all the murdering whore perpetrators get what they want, but we have to fight the city or twist their arm into doing what is right and get the police protected too. I feel like we are healing the wounded, those who have been mind controlled. Our last police chief has cancer and our new police chief and city counsel members they are already on the targeting agenda. We are trying to save our Town, PALO ALTO (partial taken over). The next town over has already been totally taken over (Mt. View). This role model can them go out to other cities. Sioux Task Force run by Jews of the Holy Rainbow. We need dedicated warriors willing to sing and dance living prayers, to overcome the spiritual defilements. We have helped people and businesses around the world, including Google and locally for the last 13 years. We have worked with Mountain View Police with community measures and St. Vincent de Paul with those in need. Holiness David repairs technology for no cost and helps others defend themselves technological remedies. And we have created a few devices as silicon valley engineer instructors. I have created a wipe away solution recently for the morgellons or nanites on the skin. Many people from around the world have traveled to us to visit us. Now, we simply need warriors who will defend USA and help heal our military, police and secret police as well. Doing spiritual works is always the key to great honor. We warriors are willing to die for love and protect our children and our country. 

You said you sang and did artworks. Do this everyday to help develop your right brain activity to offset the electronic torture and right brain activity. If you can even dance when you get foggy, this helps swing the left and right brain activity to and fro, helping you heal your brain waves. Sorry you were being attacked when talking about Pedophilia. 

This is a song from your heart (below). I hear your heart, your spirit and sing from you. Thank you. I will add you to the hoop 6 (stepping stone) 

Brother Anonymous,
you will get more about the group from google groups. 
you can simply hit reply in your email to respond. It works more like a news group. not many are active, but all are listening. There are many targeted and spiritually oriented people in this circle from the four directions. 
Welcome to Hoop 6
your devoted Twin Deer Mother

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to get daily prayers and updates on what is going on. At least you can start there. We are also at google+ and facebook. You can join us at if you like as well. This will get you started with community going through the same things. They simply hit people who are good in nature and spiritually fit to defile you. You are a good person, however you will have to step up the spiritual part to stay alive my beloved. This is a spiritual war against pedophilia and sin. I am sorry you have to go through this electronic stalking terrorism. Share more when you can.
Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,

Anonymous. Sacred Song Blessings

Blessing a Spacial Field.png
Bands of People

Look within my heart beat. I can feel your love. Take my hand and hold me and closer I will bend to the heart in the wind. Show me how to be faithful. Show me how to be true. Tell me how the others can send love home to you. There is a tide in time to bring us to this cry, when heaven seeps her love down below. Just want to feel the wake, the calling of this shake, the holy making of this tribe. Let us all preside. 

Tell the people I want you to know more, with a heartbeat, I want to adore. Loving you in my heart. I will send it in a holy ark. WE will send it magically to the ends of the world and the seas. Show me how to live a life, full of angels and delights? I will be there to hold your hands. We are moving to the sacred lands.

Where are these bands? Where are these bands? Where are these bands, my tribe understand. We need the people, we need them all to grow together and have a sacred fall. We need the people, we need them all, to bring in holy bands to call. 

Show me how to live a good life. Show me how to life it right? I want to heal my heart my soul. I want to sing and bring home the gold. I want to dream and behold. Tell everyone my heart will sing. Tell everyone, my heart will bring. Tell everyone, my beloved will ring, to all the people, we are the cosmic rings. To all the people we are the cosmic rings. 

Twin Deer Mother shines it true, but so many have a view. How will we get together and shine, if we do not help each other and bind? Let our prayers shine it true. Let our songs fill up with good k/news. Show the people which way to flow. We are the magical in all the rows. We are the magical be told. 

(Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums from the heat of Brother Patrick part of this great hall, of this world where men want it right,. Hold each other and shine it bright. Show each other and make it bright. Become a star light.)

Gifted by Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant, Holy People of the Rainbow

The Spirit
people know stuff, but do not know how it all works.
we drive cars, but do not know how it all works.
life is this way, we know when others are harming us. 
We know and are forced to learn how it all works, when it comes to ELECTRONIC TERRORISM.
Knowing is a spiritual knowledge and is not linear in nature. 
We are crystalline beings of light, learning to SHIFT in a changing cosmological world. 
Twin Deer Mother

Lists all the methodology used with mechanism uses. Extremely informative. 

Richard Alan Miller, c2001

This guy has some good ideas to heal


The Left's Push For Pedophile Acceptance

The LGBTQ Movement and Christianity (Its Threat and Our Response): Part 1

Holiness David 

2:15 AM (11 hours ago)
to me
Dear TDM (Twin Deer Mother),
I read quite a few good articles from this website based on email that I receive from Bible Study ( is part of that website).
Even though it is a Christian based website, it still has some great articles just like the Jewish websites.
This is a four part series on how the lgbtq movement is destroying our world and the author's response.  
I have not read all of the four articles, but it seems to be on the right track.

Holiness David

Dear TDM,
Here is a Jewish viewpoint on the LGBTQ Movement .
Holiness David

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 10:28 AM, Patrick B. wrote:
Dear Twin Deer Mother,

My name is Anonymous. Im writing you today because Im being targeted and I should say Im an honest and law abiding person.

This has been my experience for 5 months 24/7. People talking in my head 24/7 constantly, calling me a nigger, saying things like die nigger die, calling me a failure, saying things of homosexual themes, threatening to kill me, that they would make my heart explode, and that i wasnt allowed to tell any of this to anyone or else. This has gone on through the night most nights making it impossible to sleep any healthy amount if at all. What feels like or was fast bursts of electrical jolts directed at my head. If i was not being psychologically tortured, and it was so painful to be called a nigger that often, or threatened with death that i became numb or i have broken down into tears because i could do nothing to escape the pain, or they would take me on psychological fantasies where they said they were God, or Jesus, angels, or fairies. And I so wanted to believe someone was coming to save me from this torture. But no one ever did. Sometimes they would convince me I was some kind of Jesus figure meant to sacrifice myself on a mission. 

I do not consider myself particularly gullible or naive and I do not normally believe in fantasies but these episodes which have lasted four years in all have been difficult until recently to explain or articulate how someone else can be talking in your mind, saying psychologically manipulative, or hypnotizing suggestions and prompts, changing the way you feel, it has been difficult for me to understand. At times I even thought maybe I was special but overall, far from special, it has been like being captured by soldiers and tortured in strange cruel and unusual ways.

I had no idea what bioelectromagnetic weapons were or that they could steal a persons identity, drive them crazy, or to suicide or that i was vulnerable. I still dont know why Im being targeted because I am an honest and law abiding citizen. I am also basically driven by love and compassion.

My family is mostly not educated enough on this issue to be of much help. Legislators are not responding to me. Researchers Ive talked to do not seem to take this issue seriously. Doctors, and police have forced me to mental hospitals.

Please call me at 916 215 0656 because I need your help and guidance. because I often wonder how I will survive this.

Do you know of a safe shelter where I can go where the building materials will absorb the dews?

Sincerely Anonymous.

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