Aerides orchid

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Satish Phadke

Oct 6, 2009, 12:35:24 PM10/6/09
to indiantreepix Indian
Pankaj Kumar ji's comments prompted me to check my pictures of the Aerides again.
We have been naming these pink orchids seen in Western ghats as Aerides maculosum. (most of the searched pictures in the mail say so) Going through my available literature and the keys from BSI flora Maharashtra I noted some features in the above picture.......
Midlobe of lip large, sidelobes small :
    a)Lip deflexed ....  A.ringens.
    a)Lip horizontal or inflexed:
         b)Spur long  ....  A. maculosum.
         b)Spur short :
             c)Midlobe hastately ovate, tip rounded  .... A. multiflorum
             c)Midlobe of lip broadly ovate oblong, obscurely 3- lobed, crenate or toothed  ... A. crispum.
Considering the above features my specimen appears to be Aerides multiflorum rather than A. maculosum as the spur is short here.( I was under the wrong impression that maculosm indicates spots on the flower ठिपके अमरी) It is not the only species with spots.
Attaching another picture showing short spurs.
Satish Phadke

Aerides maculosum2.jpg

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Oct 6, 2009, 2:03:17 PM10/6/09
to indiantreepix

I couldnt make out if u wish to say that this pic is Aerides
multiflora or maculosa ENDS WITH AN "A".
This pic according to me belongs to Aerides maculosa only, the spur is
too long and offcourse, the lip is saddle shaped. Spur in multiflora
is too short, minute infact, but prominent.
Mr. J. M. Garg sent me one dvd, in which all collections of pics were
there. In one folder called, AERIDES MACULOSUM, containing four pics.
What I wrote was that the third pic which was labelled as Aerides
maculosum01 was infact not maculosum but Aerides multiflora. Rest of
the three pics in that folder was Aerides maculosa only!!
My point was misunderstood!!
Hope now it is understood properly.

Satish Phadke

Oct 7, 2009, 2:22:14 AM10/7/09
to Dr. Pankaj Kumar, indiantreepix
I thought the spur is short in this picture..(In relation to flower/petal)
I am in the learning phase.
Long and short are relative terms that's why experts who have seen more specimens are needed. Even different floras have some differences in the descriptions.
I understood that  the picture attached is A. maculosa?
I appreciate and like your frank and clear discussion.
Satish Phadke

2009/10/6 Dr. Pankaj Kumar <>


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