"Kadhipatta" or "Kadhilimb" Murraya koenigii

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satish phadke

Aug 9, 2008, 1:29:02 AM8/9/08
to indiantreepix Indian
"Kadhipatta" or "Kadhilimb"    Murraya koenigii
Member of Rutaceae family.A common spice tree.
Many naturally occurring trees are found in many forests. I have seen these in Corbett in large number and also in south India.
Mostly cultivated for domestic use

Anand Kumar Bhatt

Aug 9, 2008, 1:56:04 PM8/9/08
to satish phadke, indiantreepix Indian
there is an interesting usage of the word kadhipatta. If somebody is used for some work, and after it is successfully completed, the person is discarded, he is known as kadhipatta. this usage is popular in the bureaucratic circles in Delhi.  This is because kadhipatta is generally added for its fragrance, and  is not eaten but kept away in a corner of the plate or banana leaf! Something like Mungerilal. Remember him?

Mahadeswara Swamy

Aug 10, 2008, 12:45:09 AM8/10/08
to Anand Kumar Bhatt, satish phadke, indiantreepix Indian
You have posted a very interesting information.
Dr. Mahadeswara swamy

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nabha meghani

Aug 11, 2008, 7:53:57 AM8/11/08
to Anand Kumar Bhatt, indian...@googlegroups.com
Hallo AnandaKumar ji,
it is interesting to read this information. In Maharashtra we do eat the leaves, and i remember that chutany is made from the leaves as well.
Let me tell u my story. I live in germany, came to Europe in 1969. There were not many indian shops there. Once i found one shop and they had fresh Kadhipatta. I was so happy though that made me feel homesick. Anyway i bought some leaves and had kept them for many months in the pocket of my overcoat, just rubbing them and enjoying the fragrance, now not to feel homesick.
Now i have asmall plant in a pot in my home. comes out in the garden every summer.
No i don't know Mungerilal!
Nalini Bhat with just one t

Anand Kumar Bhatt

Aug 11, 2008, 8:06:59 AM8/11/08
to nabha meghani, indian...@googlegroups.com
Mungrelal was a serial (soap) shown on TV India some years back. It was titled 'Mungerilal ke Sapne' who was an assistant in a government office. It was hilarious as well as poignant.
All the best.

Kiran Srivastava

Aug 12, 2008, 12:01:13 AM8/12/08
to indian...@googlegroups.com

We picked a Kadhipatta sapling which is found growing wild in Corbett National Park and planted it in a pot in our home in Mumbai. So often our food has a ‘Corbett-ka-kadhipatta’ flavour!



Kiran Srivastava



p.s. I was tempted to quietly pick up small bundles of Cannabis that also grows freely in the dry river course of the Ramganga but decided against it as I didn’t want to be known as a High-on-Hashish-Nature-Freak!


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