Sanskrit names of Hymenodictyon orixense

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Dinesh Valke

Jan 28, 2009, 5:58:18 AM1/28/09
to Indian Tree Pix
Hello friends (calling Sanskrit knowers),
Following are the names in Sanskrit that I found on internet for Hymenodictyon orixense (popular synonym: H. excelsum):
1) bhramaravha, bhramarchhallika, bramarachalli, chhalli
2) bhrangavrksha, bhrigatvaka, bhringhamulika, bhringhava, bhrngahva
3) kevika
4) kshiradru
5) ugragandha
... commonly known as: bridal couch plant, mountain sage (doubt whether these names are popular in India).
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Are the following spelt correctly and make sense, and do they mean H. orixense ?
भ्रमरवह bhramaravha
भ्रमरछल्ली bhramarchalli
भृङ्गःवृक्ष bhringah-vriksha
भृङ्गट्वाका bhringatvaka
भृङ्गःवह bhringahva
क्षीरद्रु kshiradru
उग्रगन्ध ugragandha
I could make no sense from kevika.


Jan 28, 2009, 10:01:19 AM1/28/09
to Dinesh Valke, Indian Tree Pix
Hi Dineshji,

Don't know about Sanskrit but Marathi names are...

भोरसाळ - Hymenodictyon excelsum

भ्रमरसाळी, भौरसाळ - Hymenodictyon excelsa



2009/1/28 Dinesh Valke <>

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Dinesh Valke

Jan 28, 2009, 10:19:09 AM1/28/09
to Swagat, Indian Tree Pix
Thanks very much, Swagat ... that is very useful.
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