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Dec 24, 2009, 2:25:05 AM12/24/09
to treepix Indian
hi all
here are the mustard fields in all their glory! The fields, flowers and the pollination process and the symbiotic relationship between insects and plants!  
this is appears to be hybrid and is probably the result of company bought seeds.
The days of seed bank in the hands of the farmer are long gone except in rural india- that tooo in some areas only. Traditionally the farmer would grow crops for not just consumption but also for the seed for the next year. But now the trend is to grow only for consumption and buy the seeds-hybrid from seed companies! If the seeds fail the investment is wiped out. There are many and regular instances where company/commercial seed failure is very common for all crops especially in Andhra Pradesh for Rice!  
sry for exceeding the file size limits! but i wanted to share with all of you, the transient but yearlyrecurring glorious sight!
We do get saag and seeds to eat though!
Janaki Turaga
Mustard Fields.jpg
MustardFlowers&Apis dorsata.jpg

Gurcharan Singh

Dec 24, 2009, 10:33:23 AM12/24/09
to JANAKI TURAGA, treepix Indian
Janaki ji
The so called mustard (read sarson saag) sold in the market may belong to any of atleast the four species: auricled leaved medium sized (ca 2 mm) seeds, some what thicker leaves, about 1cm long petals species with either bluish-green glaucous leaved and pale yellow flowered B. napus or green leaved  and bright yellow B. rapa (formerly B. campestris, the sarson), or green thinner leaves without auricles, 1 mm seeds,  and 5-6 mm long petals species B. juncea (pod about 3-5 cm, divaricate) or B. nigra (pod 2-3 cm, ascending). Plus there could also be some leafy variety of B. oleracea.

     Let us upload photographs with shots of some upper leaves to show leaf base, tip of inflorescence, flower and possibly a mature fruit.

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