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dushyant parasher

May 3, 2008, 6:26:03 AM5/3/08
to Tree Pix Group
Photographed in Kechugaon area of Bodoland, Assam in Sept. 07.
This creeper winds around trees, and in case of an emergency for drinking water, local tribals cut a piece and drink the sap that flows out.
Will appreciate ID. Locals call it Pani Lata.
Dushyant Parasher 


May 3, 2008, 11:51:10 AM5/3/08
to indiantreepix
Dushyant, you are highly overestimating our skills if you expect
anybody to identify this creeper just by looking at the cross section
of the stem! ;)
Please show us some leaves and flowers.
- Tabish

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May 5, 2008, 4:23:48 AM5/5/08
to indiantreepix
Dear All

Here there is a vine in our surroundings with similiar
appearence which is used for extraction of water for drinking
purpose.Its details are:

*Calycopteris floribunda* is a large climbing shrub which
is 5-10 meters long, with vines that are about two to four inches in
diameter, the stem and leaves are said to be medicinal. It is found
extensively in the low-lying tropical evergreen forests of the Western
Ghats. These are also found in “Kavus” or the Sacred Groves of Kerala.
Sections of the vine store water, which people often use to quench
their thirst.

Common Names:

Minnarkoti, Pullanji Valli(Tamil)
Pullani, Varavalli (Malayalam)

With regards


College of Forestry


J.M. Garg

May 11, 2008, 6:58:33 AM5/11/08
to sneha, indiantreepix
Here are details of it from Indiantreepix Database:
Calycopteris floribunda Combretaceae Paper Flower Climber, Ukshi, Pullani Clusters of soft green flowers photographed this morning (2/3/08) in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai- Kiran ji.
Calycopteris floribunda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Paper Flower Climber, Ukshi in Marathi - indiantreepix | Google Groups

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