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Susmita Basu

May 19, 2008, 1:42:13 AM5/19/08
Dear all,

identification help sought for some snapshots taken in Jaldapara (average height from sea-level - 36 m, Terai region) sanctuary during first week of April.
       1366 and 1364 are leaves and fruits(size 3mm, ripe black ones edible) of a trailing plant found near watercourses and also in dry river bed.
       1651 is a small( 4cm high mat-type plant) with 5mm wide white flowers and hairy leaves found on a dry path between grasslands.
        This not-very-clear picture is of a small(around 10 ft high)  leafless tree covered with flowers found at the edge of the forest.

IMG_1366 e.jpg
IMG_1651 e.JPG
IMG_1364 e.jpg
IMG_1453 e.jpg

Jun 17, 2008, 6:15:27 AM6/17/08
to indiantreepix,
Dear susmita,

IMG_1364 e.jpg is wild variety of Begonia Species.
> IMG_1366 e.jpg
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> IMG_1651 e.JPG
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> IMG_1364 e.jpg
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> IMG_1453 e.jpg
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