Acanthospermum hispidum

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Satish Phadke

Oct 19, 2011, 11:58:38 AM10/19/11
to indiantreepix
Acanthospermum hispidum
Observed in Pune. Growing in open areas around Pune city flowering last 7 days.
Marathi : Landga लांडगा
Family : Asteraceae
Small annualherb.50cm height.Stem erect. Branches dichotomous covered with glandular hairs.
Leaves opposite sessile 3-7 cm elliptic obovate attenuate at base hairy.
Flowers sessile solitary axillary. Ray florets with yellow ligulate corollas. Disc florets yellow tubular 5 lobed.
 Involucral bracts-5, oblong lanceolate 5mm margins hairy.
Achenes triangular bristly awned at apex. Most of the features above have been covered in the attached images.

Dr Satish Phadke

Satish Chile

Oct 20, 2011, 2:17:40 AM10/20/11
to Satish Phadke, indiantreepix
Very nice pictures Satish ji.
Dr. Satish Kumar Chile

Ushadi micromini

Oct 20, 2011, 2:19:06 AM10/20/11
to efloraofindia

A very nice set...
nominating it today

is it medicinal?
I personally dont seem to remember...

do you know?

Usha di
On Oct 19, 8:58 pm, Satish Phadke <> wrote:
> *Acanthospermum hispidum*
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Oct 20, 2011, 4:57:07 AM10/20/11
to Ushadi micromini, efloraofindia
lovely upload,
Acanthospermum hispidum is an introduced species or exotic weed introduced recently, 

Acanthospermum means [Acantho=thorns, spermum =seeds and hispidum is refers to hairy plant]

 - H.S.

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