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satish phadke

Feb 16, 2009, 1:21:00 AM2/16/09
to indiantreepix Indian
Here are flowers of Madhuca (Mahua, Moha) ...most probably madhuca longifolia.
The tree is flowering on Apte road Pune, Maharashtra.Shot on Sunday 15thn Feb 2009.
Important features: fascicles of flowers at the end of branhes. Leaves also clustered near ends of branches.
I have not yet zeroed down on the variety. 
Leaf size Max breadth 4.5 cm and length 14 cm.


Madhuca longifolia1s.jpg
Madhuca sDSCN1997.jpg

satish phadke

Feb 17, 2009, 8:34:21 AM2/17/09
to indiantreepix Indian
Just for interest in identifying the exact species of this Madhuca I checked the key from FLORA OF MAHARASHTRA STATE DICOTYLEDONS VOL-2.
The information found is given below..........
In family Sapotaceae
Calyx segments 4; corolla cream - coloured...................Madhuca
       1. Flowers and fruits tomentose                  .................. Madhuca longifolia
       2. Flowers and fruits glabrescent or glabrous..................Madhuca Nerifolia
Madhuca longifolia
       1.Anthers 3 - seriate                                  ...................var. latifolia
       2.Anthers 2 - seriate                                  ...................var. longifolia
I cut open the small specimen of the flower and found that the anthers are 18 in number and are in two series(Attached picture)i.e. 2 - seriate so this has to be Madhuca longifolia. var.longifolia.
Further description of var.longifolia given as follows.
Tall trees. Leaves 6.5- 10* 2.5 - 3.0 cm, linear lanceolate, acute at apex, tapering at base.Flowers in fascicles below leaves; corolla fleshy. Berries oblong, yellowish when ripe. Seeds 1-2, compressed, curved on one side.
I think this fairly matches with my photographs.
(In var.latifolia the leaves are much broader3.5 to 10 cm which is 'Mahua' or 'Mohva')
Satish Phadke

2009/2/16 satish phadke <>


Madhuca longifolia4s.jpg

Aparna Watve

Feb 17, 2009, 8:56:02 AM2/17/09
to satish phadke, indiantreepix Indian
Dear Dr. Phadke,
Thanks so much for the excellent photo of detailed key characters.
Great to know that you are making such a systematic documentation. WIll be useful for all of us.


J.M. Garg

Feb 25, 2009, 3:19:52 AM2/25/09
to Aparna Watve, satish phadke, indiantreepix Indian
Really wonderful, Satish ji.
If others & experts can also make such posts, it will really be useful to our members to learn various aspects of Botany. 

2009/2/17 Aparna Watve <>
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