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Oct 4, 2010, 1:01:38 AM10/4/10
Tragea involvucrata. located in western ghat below Aswalkhind in Bhor taluk.
snapped on3 rd oct.10.

J.M. Garg

Oct 26, 2010, 7:13:59 AM10/26/10
to efloraofindia, Geeta Rane, ushaprabha page
Forwarding pl. for Id confirmation.

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From: Geeta Rane <>
Date: 4 October 2010 16:21
Subject: Re: [efloraofindia:49350] Tragea-
To: ushaprabha page <>

Greetings from geeta rane,
Thanks for sharing your Tragea, I was trying to recollect this name from the time I hv come back fm Kaas,
I'm sharing my photo for confirmation; coz
for most of the other species with the tricks of Mr  Mandarji and Adeshji I have  successfuly ID'd the flower- pictures,
this particular plant is at junction of Yevteshwar and Kass lake/platau where our bus was stopped by the Police for the cause of visit of some Forest officials.
By the time; the concern were understanding the situation; Prof shinde noticed this species which was right near to our bus door and warnd us about its severe itching which  develops into a nasty rash. by the time he could finish explaining and take photo the plant demonstrated its charachterstics on Prof Shinde himself.
the photograph is taken in extremely quick by us, because of which the details are not so clear to its expectations,
for rest of the information; I hv pasted below the link :
Thanks again,
With Regards,
geeta rane
On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 10:31 AM, ushaprabha page <> wrote:
Tragea involvucrata. located in western ghat below Aswalkhind in Bhor taluk.
snapped on3 rd oct.10.

With regards,
J.M.Garg (
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Tragea involvucrata. at phata of Yavteshwar & KAAS NatureIndia 26th Sep2010 417.jpg
ID courtsey Prof Shinde KAAS with Nature India 26th Sep10 418.jpg

Dinesh Valke

Oct 26, 2010, 7:29:43 AM10/26/10
to J.M. Garg, efloraofindia, Geeta Rane, ushaprabha page
... indeed ... Tragia involucrata ... commonly known as: canchorie root-plant, climbing nettle • Assamese: dumuni chorat • Bengali: বিছুটি bichuti • Hindi: बढन्त barhanta, पीत पर्णी pit parni • Kannada: ತುರಿಕೆ ಬಳ್ಳಿ turike balli • Malayalam: കൊടിത്തൂവ kodithoova, കൊടുത്തൂവ koduthoova • Marathi: आग पान aag paan, आग्या aagya, कळलावी kallaavi, लघुमेडशिंगी laghumedhshingi • Nepalese: उट कटेरी ut kateri • Oriya: kasalakku • Sanskrit: आगमावर्ता aagmavarta, दुःस्पर्ष duhsparsha, कषाग्निः kashagnih, वृश्चिकाच्छद vrischikacchad, वृश्चिकाली vrischikali, वृश्चिकापत्री vrischikapatri • Tamil: காஞ்சொறி kanchori • Telugu: తేలుకొండిచెట్టు telukondicettu


JM Garg

Jan 26, 2017, 5:01:29 AM1/26/17
to efloraofindia, ushaprabha page, Dinesh Valke, Tapas Chakrabarty
Forwarding again for Id confirmation or otherwise please Tragia involucrata

Tapas Chakrabarty

Jan 26, 2017, 9:03:46 AM1/26/17
to JM Garg, efloraofindia, ushaprabha page, Dinesh Valke
Tragia praetervisa. As the name implies, this is an overlooked species.

J.M. Garg

Jan 26, 2017, 11:37:32 PM1/26/17
to Tapas Chakrabarty, Dinesh Valke, ushaprabha page, efloraofindia

Thanks a lot,  Tapas ji

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