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ushadi Micromini

Aug 4, 2011, 6:53:52 AM8/4/11
to efloraofindia
Dear All:

One photogrpah from a Local Herbal garden .... where the label says its the MADRASI CORIANDER...indicating its primary use and cultivation in the southern Indian sates... second shows the plant , it is ready to harvest as culinary herb...

In the green grocery stores in the southern states in USA its often labelled as CULANTRO  (as opposed to CILANTRO as in Dhania patta).   It has the same smell.Used in place of Dhania patta in India,  the Caribbean and Thailand …

Medicinally it is anti- inflammatory and analgesic, Recent uses based on ethnomedicine reports from south American natives, are to kill strongyloides and trypanosomes….    And even as anticonvulsant.

Family: Apiaceae

Genus:                 Eryngium

Species:               E. foetidum

Binomial name  * Eryngium foetidum*  L.L.


The leaves are about an inch wide at the widest, and three to five inches long.... at about 6 - 8 weeks after seed sowing...
I did not get to go back and see how the central stalk and flowers developed... may be next year..

Usha di
Eryngium foetida Madrasi coriander label small plants 001 label in the garden.jpg
Eryngium foetida Madrasi coriander label small plants 002 small name.jpg
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