new year greetings and resolution

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Alok Goyal

Dec 29, 2010, 5:42:29 AM12/29/10
Dear All

May this new year give your strength to keep your moods happy, endeavors prosperous, actions taxonomically oriented, identifications productive, interests all plant group encompassing, plant distribution interests with blurring boundaries and approaches environmentally sustainable and evolutionarily progressive.
i dont know you will approve of this but...

let us share our resolutions for the new year....i will start with mine....

1. this year i will do something for the environment (of course not negative thats what we all are doing already)---- and for that i have taken my first step. i have shunned my bike and bought a bicycle for commuting to office.... 
2. reduce my anger....i am not short tempered but still i shout sometimes when i someone repeats something (esp. a bad habit) again and again...

your resolution(s)...???


mani nair

Dec 29, 2010, 11:29:48 PM12/29/10
to Alok Goyal,

My resolutions are :  I think I can implement some if not all.  

1.   Plant more and more trees in Schools, Colleges, Road side and socities.
2.   Switch off the lights and fans, and close the water taps when not required.
2.   Recycle water.  eg. use the water after washing rice etc. to water potted plants.
3.   Recycle paper.  Use both side of the papers for printing.  Reuse envelopes.
4.   Give all the old clothes and not fitting clothes to poor.
5.   Vermiculture  -  Put all the wastes like used garlands, vegetable wastes, 
       banana skin   etc in a bin and use the help of earthworms to convert it to manure.
5.   Reduce use of tissue paper.
Let see others Resolutions.



mani nair

Dec 29, 2010, 11:54:19 PM12/29/10
to Alok Goyal,
Thanks Alok ji, this is an interesting topic and concerned with our flora and fauna.


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