Capparis rheedii

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Mahadeswara Swamy

Oct 21, 2010, 7:27:10 AM10/21/10
to, Anantanarayan Rajaram, J.M. Garg
I just glanced through the message posted by Dr. Rajaraman on Capparis sps.   It has been identified by many members of the group as C.rheedii and supposed to be endemic to western ghats.     If this plant is endemic to the w.ghats it should have been included in the Gamble Flora of Madras Presidency, which includes plants from Western ghats as well,  either in the same name or as a synonym.  But I donot find any such plant name  in the Gamble flora.  Furthermore, the experts who have identified it as C.rheedii have not given the synonyms,  not found even in the flowers of India.    The limited descriptions provided by Dr Rajaraman, when checked,  roughly tallies  with Capparis  brevispina described in Gamble flora.  But this is not a confirmation as the full description of the plant is not available.
Looking forward for further comments by the experts as to   (a) why C.rheedii is not mentioned in the Gamble flora  or   (b) Whether C. brevispina has been identified as C.rheedii or  (c) C.rheedii is a new inlcusion to Capparis group
Dr. Mahadeswara swamy

Dinesh Valke

Oct 21, 2010, 8:21:25 AM10/21/10
to Mahadeswara Swamy,, Anantanarayan Rajaram, J.M. Garg
Mahadeswara ji ... mine was just a guess that it is C. rheedii ... very simply because the posted plant resembles quite a bit visually ... not confident.
Other comment(s) from the knowledgeable may follow.


Dinesh Valke

Feb 18, 2011, 1:32:58 AM2/18/11
to Mahadeswara Swamy,, Anantanarayan Rajaram, J.M. Garg
Giby ji's response (inadvertently got sent to me alone) ...

Dear Mahadeswara Swamy

Capparis rheedii is mentioned in Gamble flora as C.heyneana, according
to T S Nayar (2006) and N Sasidharan (2004).
It has one more synonym C. baducca.
They have mentioned C. brevispina as a separate species with a synonym

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