OT ebook and Shloka (Sanskirt Verse) informing the eight trees to be planted in eight directions

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Geeta Rane

Jan 27, 2011, 5:02:19 AM1/27/11
to indiantreepix
Please visit  the link below  and browse down for the shloka. According to the information given here there are  eight trees upon its plantation in eight directions; improves the fertility of the fields/farm.
It is Marthi newspaper "LOKSATTA", have written down the names; for your immediate reference,
at East         : Banyan (वड)
North                            : Chilla (पिंपरी )
North east(Ishanya)    :      silk cotton tree         (काटे सावर )
West                            : Ficus religiosa Linn.( पिंपळ )
North west(Wayavya) :       Neem           (कडूलिंब )
South                          :Ficus hispida  ( उंबर)
South east (Agneya)  : Garlic pear tree, Caper tree,(वरूण  )
South west (Nairutya) : Indian Cherry  (भोकर )
Courtsey: search engine, while confirming the english/commmon names for the above; came across this PDF file-book; since it was not found in the list compiled by Shri J M Gargji; have added the link below:
name of file: COMMON TREES, Dr. H. Santapau,INTRODUCTION
Sorry for the inconveniences,
Thanks with Regards,

geeta rane

Na Bha

Jan 27, 2011, 6:36:48 AM1/27/11
to Geeta Rane, indiantreepix
Geeta ji,
great, very useful information. would like to know many more such links. Well Marathi is not understood by the whole group.
I feel there is no harm in sending such Info from time to time. There is a delete button on every keyboard.
Thanks for sharing the info
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