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tanay bose

Jun 3, 2010, 2:19:00 PM6/3/10
to efloraofindia

Dear All Member,

I just could not get hold of the link for this particular fungus sent for identification at Eflora of India. It was hopefully Yazdy Ji but I really can’t figure out the name. I kept the photos with me and through severe search I came know about the identity of this fungus which I adding below.


Lentinus squarrosulus Mont. which is reported from Darjeeling in West Bengal, as well as Tamil Nadu, Calcutta, Madras, Madhya Pradesh and Poona. It apparently causes white heart rot of Shorea robusta in India. This information is from The Genus Lentinus: A world monograph 1983 by David N. Pegler. It is described as a common mushroom in paleotropical regions of Southeast Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Pacific Islands. It is a popular edible species in some areas.


Kindly respond to the post, so that I can be aware who posted the photo.




Tanay Bose
+91(033) 25550676 (Resi)

Lentinus squarrosulus Mont.jpg
Lentinus squarrosulus Mont (2).jpg
Lentinus squarrosulus Mont (3).jpg
Lentinus squarrosulus Mont (4).jpg
Lentinus squarrosulus Mont (5).jpg

raghu ananth

Jun 3, 2010, 11:11:32 PM6/3/10
to tanay bose, efloraofindia
Many thanks Tanay ji, for spending laborious hours in identifying this fungus.

Earlier eflora mail thread,

Lentinus squarrosulus Mont
Lentinus  -A genus of fungus belonging to the family Tricholomataceae

Tricholomataceae - A family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales

Agaricales - Typical gilled mushrooms belonging to the subdivision Basidiomycota

Basidiomycota - Comprises fungi bearing the spores on a basidium; includes Gasteromycetes (puffballs) and Tiliomycetes comprising the orders Ustilaginales (smuts) and Uredinales (rusts) and Hymenomycetes (mushrooms, toadstools, agarics and bracket fungi); in some classification systems considered a division of kingdom Fungi


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tanay bose

Jun 4, 2010, 12:00:11 AM6/4/10
to raghu ananth, efloraofindia
Dear Raghu Ji,
Nice to know that I could help you. Thanks for your response . As I am bit busy these days I always don't get a time to identify all fungi but I keep the photos with me when ever I get time I try to identify them. Hence my responses may be late some time. You photo was really nice and it compelled me to identify it.
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