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Rahul Natu

Feb 3, 2009, 1:57:16 AM2/3/09

Clkicked on Sagargad near Alibaug on July 8, 2006.

Ref : Flowers of Sahyadris page 128 / Flower # 251
Sci name : Habenararia rariflora

Marathi name : Chire Habe-amri

is it correct ?

- Rahul Natu
RIM # 93225-97788

Chire Habe-Amri.jpg

J.M. Garg

Feb 7, 2009, 10:57:33 PM2/7/09
to Rahul Natu,
Hi, Rahul ji,
Looks more like Habenaria grandifloriformis (FOS- p. 127). Experts may like to comment pl. 
Check also from Indiantreepix Database:
Habenaria grandifloriformis  Orchidaceae Ashadh Habe Amri near Hedwi in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. These flowers bloom in the Monsoons- Dr. Goutam Joglekar. In plains like Kas near Satara, (Mah) on 8/7/08- Satish ji. 22 Jun trip to Panchgani. at Mathearn- 21/7/08. Habenaria grandifloriformis (No common name) Fwd: [India-nature-pixs] Habenaria grandifloriformis (Hedwi) Size rectified - indiantreepix | Google Groups Habenaria grandifloriformis - indiantreepix | Google Groups Habenaria grandifloriformis 22 Jun Panchgani - indiantreepix | Google Groups Matheran Set of Flower - indiantreepix | Google Groups

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