Trees and Bushes that Attract Birds and Butterflies

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J.M. Garg

Jan 19, 2009, 9:32:48 PM1/19/09
to indiantreepix
Here is a link by Dr. S. Subramanya ji:
And details from Anand ji:
A. Fruit yielding trees & bushes
1. Neem: Azadirachta indica
2. Peepul: Ficus religiosa
3. Ficus: Ficus recemosa
4. Singapore Cherry / Jamaican Cherry: Muntingia calabura
5. Paper mulberry: Broussonetia papyrifera
6. Banyan: Ficus benghalensis
7. Mulberry: Morus alba
8. Jamun: Syzygium cumini
9. Bastard's Sandle: Erythroxylum monogynum
10. Indian Snow Berry: Securinega leucopyrus
B. Nectar yieding trees
1. Red Silk Cotton: Bombax ceiba
2. Flame of the forest: Butea monosperma
3. Indian Coral Tree: Erythrina indica/verigata
4. Erythrina: Erythrina suberosa
5. Eryrhina: Erythrina stricta
6. Bottle Brush: Callistemon lanceolatus
7. Gliricidia: Gliricidia_sepium
8. Indian Cork Tree: Millingtonia hortensis
9. Badminton ball tree: Parkia biglandulosa
10. Jacaranda: Jacaranda mimosifolia
11. Tulip Tree: Spathodea campanulata
C. Nectar yielding bushes
1. Erythrina: Erythrina crista-galli
2. Tubular Hibiscus: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
3. East Indian Screw Tree: Helecteres isora
4. Powder-puff: Calliandra haematocephala
5. Orange Trumpet Flower: Tecoma smithii
6. White Silk Cotton: Cochlospermum gossypium
7. Scarlet-Sterculia: Firmiana colorata
8. Scarlet bush: Hamelia patens
9. Cup and Saucer Bush: Holmskioldea sanguinea
10. Fire-Flame Bush: Woodfordia fruticosa
11. Pink snakeweed: Stachytarpheta mutabilis
12. Queen's Wreath: Petrea volubilis
D. Butterfly attracting Trees & bushes
1. Ivory Wood: Wrhitia tinctoria
2. Star Cluster: Pentas lanceolata
3. Indian Caper: Capparis sepiaria
4. Aristolochia: Aristolochia bracteolata
5. Cherry Pie: Heliotropium arborescens
6. Pink snakeweed: Starchytarphata mutabilis
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