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Neil Soares

Oct 15, 2009, 12:47:38 AM10/15/09
to bindu kapadia,, indiantreepix, wildflowerindia
 There is also one at the Mahim Nature Park in Bombay. For those who have visited the Taj Mahal at Agra, there are 2 huge trees on the left as you enter the main archway.
  Have also planted one at my farm. It is a pretty fast growing tree. Sending a few photographs.
                          With regards,
                            Neil Soares.

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Thanks Bindu ji
You have shown full illustration of the tree.
In the earlier discussions on the posts of similar tree there were some doubts about different IDs. Now it is very clear from your photographs. I have yet to see this tree. Anybody has seen this tree in Maharashtra?
Satish Phadke

2009/10/13 bindu kapadia <bindu410@gmail. com>
During my recent visit to Ahmedabad,i was surprised to see these two  roadside trees
in the heart of the city.Just could'nt identify! It was only after returning ,referring to Pradip
Krishen i came to know that it is called Katsagon ,marodphali , Fernandoa adenophyllum  .
Seems it does not have common English name.

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