Camera Query: The Leading Brands

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Pankaj Kumar

01-Mar-2011, 11:39:43 am01/03/11
to indiantreepix
Nikon and Canon have always been the leading brands for good cameras,
but of course, other brands keep coping up and sometimes do come up
with models which has some superior features over similar Canon and
Nikon models. There are fan following for both leading companies and
they are always in argument about which is the best.

Always remember that no brands will give you a camera spending from
their own pocket. Its like if A launches a camera with lets say 10
megapixel and censor size 10cmx10cm (just example), B will launch a
model against it with may be 12 megapixel but sensor size 9cmx9cm. But
both companies will always have options open for improvisation.
Afterall they need to remain in business for a long term. So finally
it comes to you to decide what actually you want to buy and what are
your priorities.

As stated by Mr. Satyendra who himself is a very good professional
photographer, technology keeps improvising and so does the models
released by top companies. So, what may seem the best in 2011 may not
remain the best in 2012. This includes the top end cameras of leading
companies. But these companies dont release high end models very



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