Devgad, Kokan, MH :: Chamaecrista mimosoides for validation :: ARK2021-060

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Alka Khare

Sep 17, 2021, 2:00:39 PM9/17/21
to efloraofindia

Hello friends

This yellow flower was captured near Devgad, coastal Kokan, MH in Aug 2021.
It was found flowering on a lateritic rock

Guessing it to be Chamecrista mimosoides.
Requesting to please validate.

Thanks and regards
Alka Khare
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi3.JPEG
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi4.JPEG
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi1.JPEG
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi2.JPEG
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi5.JPEG
Chamaecrista mimosoides_GAP Amberi6.JPEG

Paradesi Anjaneyulu

Sep 18, 2021, 11:46:05 PM9/18/21
to efloraofindia
Seems to Chamaecrista pumila ma'am, once again check,
With regards. 

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Alka Khare

Sep 19, 2021, 1:35:17 AM9/19/21
to efloraofindia
Thanks Paradesi ji for the possible ID.

A relook at the pics suggest:

- no stalked gland at the base of the leaves
- number of pairs of leaflets (<20)
- petals as long as or longer than sepals
- stamens 5-6

Is there any other characteristics that could point us to the right ID?

Thanks and regards
Alka Khare

J.M. Garg

Sep 24, 2021, 3:51:37 AM9/24/21
to efloraofindia, Alka, Paradesi Anjaneyulu
With these characters, it may be Chamaecrista leschenaultiana (DC.) Degener as per keys at Chamaecrista.
Stamens may be 7. 

With regards,
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