Acacia nilotica- Babool/ Keekar/ Desi Babool/ Egyptian thorn or mimosa/ Thorn mimosa

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J.M. Garg

Jan 4, 2008, 2:11:59 AM1/4/08
to indiantreepix
Most common among Mimosaceae along with Vilaiti Keekar (Prosopis juliflora) & Jhand (Prosopis cineraria) in Hodal, Distt. Faridabad, Haryana & between Hodal & Delhi. It is unmistakable when in flowers with very long paired white spines. Leaves are twice feathered with 3-6 side-stalks. Fruits are greyish beaded pods (not in pictures) & unmistakable for Id.
Acacia nilotica (Thorn mimosa) is a species of Acacia (wattle) native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent.
Acacia nilotica is a tree 5-20 m high with a dense spheric crown, stems and branches usually dark to black coloured, fissured bark, grey-pinkish slash, exuding a reddish low quality gum. The tree has thin, straight, light, grey spines in axillary pairs, usually in 3 to 12 pairs, 5 to 7.5 cm long in young trees, mature trees commonly without thorns. The leaves are bipinnate, with 3-6 pairs of pinnulae and 10-30 pairs of leaflets each, tomentose, rachis with a gland at the bottom of the last.
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Babool (Acacia nilotica) flowers at Hodal I IMG_1163.jpg
Babool (Acacia nilotica) flowers at Hodal I IMG_1248.jpg
Babool (Acacia nilotica) leaves & spines at Hodal I IMG_1251.jpg
Babool (Acacia nilotica) trunk at Hodal I IMG_1252.jpg
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