Chimmony's gift of bounty - Helicteres isora plant

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raghu ananth

22-Oct-2011, 8:44:02 am22/10/11
to indiantreepix
Chimmony's gift of bounty - Helicteres isora plant
8 Oct 2011 12:54PM

The beautiful Helicteres isora plants delight with their omnipresence in the Chimmony forest (Kerala). At some stretches, they almost form a border along the forest trail.

Kuttan, a Malaya tribal, who was our chef and later guide! He knew the names of almost all of the trees when we went for a trek inside the forest, he kept saying “This is Yedambiri.”

And look carefully - don't they look like the miniature of a bird, perhaps a red bird with a long neck - say perhaps a red ibis, a flamingo or a scarlet Ibis.

eflora link - beautiful plant pictures, posted by Garg ji.

8 Oct 2011 12:54PM
Chimmony forest, Thrissur District, Kerala state
Shrub, Height-6-8ft, Forest, leaf size-12cms approx.
Vernacular-Yedambiri (Malayalam),

Raghu Ananth

DSCN0565 Flower.jpg
DSCN0554 Branch.jpg
DSCN0560 Plant.jpg
DSCN0247 Leaves.jpg
DSCN0241 Habitat-RiverSide.jpg
DSCN0207 ChimmonyForest.jpg
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