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Oct 30, 2008, 9:00:20 AM10/30/08
to Indiantreepix
at daulatabad fort, today morning

Pankaj Oudhia

Oct 30, 2008, 9:04:35 AM10/30/08
Looks like Leonotis sp.. Weed but very useful medicinally.

Pankaj Oudhia


Oct 30, 2008, 10:49:02 AM10/30/08
to indiantreepix

It is Leonotis nepetifolia.
Family : Labiatae.

Debasish Joardar

On Oct 30, 6:04 pm, "Pankaj Oudhia" <> wrote:
> Looks like Leonotis sp.. Weed but very useful medicinally.
> Pankaj Oudhia
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J.M. Garg

Oct 30, 2008, 11:37:29 AM10/30/08
to DEBASISH JOARDAR, indiantreepix
It has wonderful appearance while in flower.
Some extracts from Wikipedia link:

Leonotis nepetifolia, also known as Klip Dagga, is a species of plant in the Leonotis genus and the Lamiaceae (mint) family. While most other species in this genus are native to Southern Africa, L. nepetifolia is native to tropical Africa and southern India. It grows to a height of 3 metres and has whorls of striking lipped flowers, that are most commonly orange, but can vary to red, white, and purple. It has very soft serrated leaves that can grow up to 4 inches wide.
L. nepetifolia (Klip Dagga) is very similar to L. leonurus (Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail.) Both species are often smoked for their entheogenic properties. The main difference is that L. nepetifolia's flowers sprout from a round prickly ball. It is also said that the leaves of L. nepetifolia are more potent and much less harsh when smoked than those of L. leonurus.

While there are about thirty other plants in the genus Leonotis, L. nepetifolia and L. leonurus are the only two with entheogenic or psychoactive properties.

L. nepetifolia is often smoked for its entheogenic, or psychoactive, properties. Some say the effects are similar to those of cannabis. However, some who expect the full effects of cannabis are disappointed with smoking L. nepetifolia. One common effect that many users report is a relaxing of the muscles and a higher appreciation of soft things.

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Mahendra Prasad

Oct 31, 2008, 3:05:11 AM10/31/08
to Indiantreepix, vivekmail
I have seen this flower in Midnapore Dist of W Bengal. Belongs to Tulsi fam, Labiceaea ( spelling ? ).

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