SeasonWatch - a project to document the flowering, fruiting and leafing of trees

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Suhel Quader

Feb 22, 2011, 4:25:45 AM2/22/11
to efloraofindia
Dear plant-lovers,

Do you love the beautiful trees in your garden, on the roadsides, and
where you study or work? Would you like to contribute to a better
understanding of our trees?

SeasonWatch (, is a citizen volunteer
network that monitors the seasons as revealed by trees. We document
the timing of flowering, fruiting and leaf-flush of roughly 100 tree
species, and explore how this timing may be changing as the climate
changes. There is no long-term information of this kind from India, so
you can contribute to a better understanding of nature by simply
watching the trees you love!

Just identify a tree (or more) near you and monitor it every week.
Upload this information through your account on the SeasonWatch
website to add to the data collected by volunteers all across the
country. Any interested person can take part -- no specialist
knowledge is required.

SeasonWatch is a purely non-commercial and free activity; its purpose
is to understand changes in the natural world; and the information
collected is open to all. In the future, we will have a sub-programme
for schools and other groups; a discussion board; and ways to search,
visualise and download all information collected by SeasonWatch

Please join today, and let a friend know as well!

Thank you,

Suhel Quader, Arun Elassery and Uttara Mendiratta
Citizen Science Programme
National Centre for Biological Sciences

Sreekanth Sreedharan and Prakash Iyer
Wipro Applying Thought in Schools

PS. Thanks to those of you who responded to our email describing the
project last year. We will be in touch with you individually soon.


Feb 22, 2011, 7:06:35 AM2/22/11
to efloraofindia, Dr. Suhel Quader
Dear all,

This is a very good initiative by Suhel Quader, who successfully done/
doing the (bird) migrant watch program in India
Please refer this link for migrant watch

Now this is another good initiative by which a nationwide information
on changes of plants will be collected. In fact, it is aimed to do
with the active participation of citizens all over India. No expertise
is needed for gathering the data for this study. Whoever who can
contribute data on changes (new leaf, flowering and fruiting) of
certain individuals of a/different species can join this initiative
and stay with the passion towards plants by keep in touch with them in
the field. It would later give us a clear picture on how plants react
to their (changing) environment.
This initiative is aiming the participation of people of any age group
such as school students to teachers, who can regularly monitor the
plants at their home or on the way or in the campus once in a week and
note down the changes.
Be proud of becoming an active member of a nation wide program and we
can add more people from our area.
As I am travelling most of the time for my field work, I was thinking
that I may not be able to participate in this but, I found out a
solution. I will ask my parents or my wife who can collect and give me
the data of a certain period of time that my wife or me myself can
upload to the site.

Thanks and Regards,
> National Centre for Biological Sciences
> Sreekanth Sreedharan and Prakash Iyer
> Wipro Applying Thought in Schools
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