Euphorbiaceae week-Phyllanthaceaee : Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss

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Rashida Atthar

Mar 12, 2011, 9:17:59 AM3/12/11
Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss - now under Phyllanthaceae as per Kew Plant list. These pictures were taken by me at Matheran, Mah. in October 2011. 
A small or moderate sized deciduous tree, spinous, bark grey. Leaves are coriaceous, elliptic- oblong, obtuse, sub-acute or rounded at the apex, with entire or slightly crenulate margins, bright green and glabrous above ( turning pinkish -brown before falling) galucous and usually finely tomentose beneath, base usually rounded (rarely cordate); main nerves prominent, straight, 15-25 pairs, with finely reticulate venation inbetween.
Drupes as can be seen in the pictures change colour from greenish to yellowish red and finally turn purple -black. edible.  The drupes  are seated on  a persistent slightly enlarged calyx 8 mm in diameter. 
There are several syonyms as per Kew Plant List as follows:
Andrachne doonkyboisca B.Heyne ex Wall. [Invalid]
Bridelia airy-shawii P.T.Li [Illegitimate]
Bridelia amoena Wall. ex Baill.
Bridelia cambodiana Gagnep.
Bridelia chineensis Thin
Bridelia cinerascens Gehrm.
Bridelia crenulata Roxb.
Bridelia fordii Hemsl.
Bridelia fruticosa Pers.
Bridelia hamiltoniana var. glabra Müll.Arg.
Bridelia pierrei Gagnep.
Bridelia retusa (L.) Spreng.
Bridelia retusa var. glabra Gehrm.
Bridelia retusa var. glauca Hook.f.
Bridelia retusa var. pubescens Gehrm.
Bridelia retusa var. roxburghiana Müll.Arg. [Illegitimate]
Bridelia retusa var. squamosa (Lam.) Müll.Arg.
Bridelia retusa var. stipulata Gehrm.
Bridelia roxburghiana (Müll.Arg.) Gehrm.
Bridelia spinosa (Roxb.) Willd.
Bridelia squamosa (Lam.) Gehrm.
Bridelia squamosa var. meeboldii Gehrm.
Clutia retusa L.
Clutia spinosa Roxb.
Clutia squamosa Lam.
Bridelia retusa(L.) A.Juss fruiting.JPG
Bridelia retusa (L.) A.Juss(8).JPG
Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss (3).JPG
Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Jussfoliage fruits.JPG
Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss foliage.JPG

Usha Desai

Mar 13, 2011, 9:15:19 AM3/13/11
to Rashida Atthar,
Rashidaji,nice pictures.
are these fruiits edible?
love Usha

Rashida Atthar

Mar 13, 2011, 9:48:17 AM3/13/11
to Usha Desai,
Thanks Dr. Usha, yes as per books it is edible, though have not tried it yet ! Fruit is manily eaten and seeds widely distributed by Green pigeon.
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