Kalanchoe pinnata Goethe Plant UD9232011 001 Practice what I preach

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ushadi Micromini

23 Sept 2011, 12:09:51 pm23/09/11
to efloraofindia, J.M. Garg, Madhuri Pejaver, Madhuri Raut
Kalanchoe pinnata Goethe Plant UD9232011 001 Practice what I preach

Dear All:

Soon after I wrote about how to start young plants from leaf of one Kalanchoe... I had a chance to pick up a fallen leaf (after a heavy rain storm) from a herb garden... leaf of Kalanche pinnata... or  Pathar kunchi (in Bengali) .. there were NO baby plantlets on this leaf, just a fallen leaf, looking miserable, wet, muddy..  some what grey... may have fallen a few hours before I spotted it.. brought it home and . I planted it in one of my  Petunia pots  where there was little central plot of soil unused (ha ha), fixed with a twig of tulasi plant .. and anchored the other end with a flower stalk from a fallen flower of my Hibiscus viceroy ( I showed you its pictures earlier) ...Planted on 7th September...and by 10th had small tiny sprouts, which grew to respectable size by 16th  (first photograph) and by 23rd had second set of leaves in the sprouts (grey circles in figure 2) .

Kalanchoe pinnata is a favorite plant of mine, eversince I saw its red flowers, and the tiny baby plants, sometimes they start sprouting right on the plant itself on the oldest leaves... Naturalist par excel-lance Mr. Goethe had written about this plant... calling it the MIRACLE PLANT...

Even though it is not a native Indain plant, having transplanted itself from Africa/ Madagaskar to India (and much of the temperate zone of the world)  the tribals and villagers have identified useful of this plant in dissolving kidney and U. Bladder stone....  and hence the name Pathar Kunchi.... = one that crushes the stone....

The earlier conversation about this process is in Madhuri Raut's thread about Donkey ear Kalanchoe... Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri that  Gurucharanji had diagnosed.  Its at this thread URL:    http://groups.google.com/group/indiantreepix/browse_thread/thread/c12cf8258b265a07/85312771b1e5c47d?lnk=gst&q=madhuri+violet+floers#85312771b1e5c47d.

Stay tuned for the mature plants and flowers by the summer...of 2012...

Usha di
Kalanchoe pinnata 10 days sprouts 1st set leaf DSC05099 crp sm nm.jpg
Kalanchoe pinnata 14 days sprouts 2nd set leaf DSC05218 sm crp nm.jpg
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