Parrot's beak

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sibdas ghosh

May 2, 2009, 11:04:21 AM5/2/09
to indiantreepix
Heliconium rostratum-
Commonly known as Parrot's beak and also lobster claws
(Heliconiaceae) From Prantik, Santiniketan, 24.04.09

J.M. Garg

May 2, 2009, 12:31:36 PM5/2/09
to sibdas ghosh, indiantreepix
Lovely picture, Sibdas ji.

More details from Indiantreepix Database:

Heliconia rostrata  Heliconiaceae Hanging lobster claw  At bannerghatta butterfly park on 25.8.07; in Badlapur- 21/3/09; heliconia rostrata - indiantreepix | Google Groups Heliconia rostrata (Hanging lobster claw) - indiantreepix | Google Groups 210309RN_Badlapur - ID pl - indiantreepix | Google Groups

Some extracts from Wikipedia link (for pictures/ more details, pl. click on the link):

Heliconia is a genus of about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. Common names for the genus include lobster-claws, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise. The last term refers to their close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers (Strelitzia). Collectively, these plants are also simply referred to as heliconias.

The leaves of these plants are 15-300 cm long, oblong, growing opposite one another on non-woody petioles often longer than the leaf, often forming large clumps with age. Their flowers are produced on long, erect or drooping panicles, and consist of brightly colored waxy bracts, with small true flowers peeping out from the bracts. The growth habit of heliconias is similar to Canna, Strelitzia, and bananas, to which they are related.

Heliconias are grown for the florist's trade and as landscape plants. The flower of H. psittacorum (Parrot Heliconia) is especially distinctive, its greenish-yellow flowers with black spots and red bracts reminding of the bright plumage of parrots.

Several cultivars and hybrids have been selected for garden planting, including:

  • H. psittacorum × H. spathocircinata, both species of South America, mainly Brazil
  • H. × rauliniana = H. marginata (Venezuela) × H. bihai (Brazil)
  • H. chartacea cv. 'Sexy Pink'

2009/5/2 sibdas ghosh <>
 Heliconium rostratum-
Commonly known as Parrot's beak and also lobster claws
(Heliconiaceae) From Prantik, Santiniketan, 24.04.09

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