PK0911002: Bulbophyllum crassipes

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Pankaj Kumar

Nov 22, 2009, 12:11:46 AM11/22/09
Sharing pics Bulbophyllum crassipes Hook.f.

Distribution: Bhutan to Pen. Malaysia including India, especially in
higher areas of peninsular India
Flowering period: November - December
Etymology: Bulbophyllum means bulb on the leaves, basically here most
probably the petiole is modified to form bulbous storage organ.
"crassipes" i imagine what it means, but "crassus" means thick and
"pes" means foot, so something thick. :p. Foot is an extension below
the gynostemeium below the attachment of ovary to the flower.

Picture taken on 22.11.2009 of live collection at Dehradun, made from
Saranda forests, Jharkhand. This species may be the last of the
Bulbophyllums left in Jharkhand.


NOTE: Both these and pics of my previous post was taken using Nikon
D300 with Nikkor 60mm closeup lens using a ring flash. Ring flashes
help in minimising the shadow of the subject and lower aperture helps
in bringing out the clarity. The subject was hung in the middle of the
green house so as to blacken the background and rest of the blackening
was done using Adobe Photoshop CS.
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