Tree for Identification from Chinchoti , Maharashtra, Jan -2016

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Paresh Churi

Feb 5, 2016, 7:24:57 AM2/5/16
to indiantreepix
Hello everyone,

Please identify this tree found on roadside height appxt -12 fts.

Thanks in advance !

Paresh V Churi.
Untitled a -1.jpg
Untitled c 1.jpg
Untitled b-1.jpg

Tapas Chakrabarty

Feb 5, 2016, 9:01:44 AM2/5/16
to Paresh Churi, efloraofindia

Hi Pareshji, Givotia rottleriformis of Euphorbiaceae.

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Neil Soares

Feb 5, 2016, 12:41:29 PM2/5/16
to Tapas Chakrabarty, Paresh Churi, efloraofindia
 This looks like Trewia nudiflora [now called Mallotus nudiflora] to me. The local name is Petari / Petani. Please check the archives of this group for my photographs of this.
                With regards,
                   Neil Soares.

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Tapas Chakrabarty

Feb 5, 2016, 1:59:57 PM2/5/16
to Neil Soares, Paresh Churi, efloraofindia
Yes Neil ji, Mallotus nudiflorus.  Thank you for pointing out.

radha veach

Jun 9, 2021, 4:42:50 PM6/9/21
to efloraofindia
This seems to be Mallotus polycarpus. The male flowers have a red calyx.
In M. nudiflorus the calyx is greenish.


Dinesh Valke

Jun 11, 2021, 12:21:26 PM6/11/21
to efloraofindia
Yes, Mallotus polycarpus, to me too. It is in line with various other posts where M. polycarpus was mistaken for M. nudiflorus.
Thanks Radha for resurfacing and validating the post.
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