Photography Clues (Metros)

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Dr. Hiren B. Soni

Jul 13, 2011, 2:33:45 PM7/13/11
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Photography Clues (Metros)

1. A strong sense of Lines & other Graphic Elements is of great use in
Urban Photography.
2. Always employ the Best Efforts to reach to the Best Possible
Vantage Point (BPVP).
3. Always find a Way beyond the Obvious.
4. Always speak to your Subjects before Shooting them.
5. At times, instead of including the entire architecture, you should
just try to create a feel of the place.
6. Besides Regular Tourists Spots (RTS), one must make Images that go
beyond to narrate a Photo-Story.
7. Capturing the Perfect Moment is a lot about Anticipation and Patience.
8. Children make great pictures and are almost always eager to pose
for the camera.
9. Considering the number of Potential Subjects, You should ensure you
have Enough
10. Cultural Symbols & Signboards can make Great Photographs too.
11. Even without including a Person’s Face, you can convey the
Background & Personality of an individual.
12. If there is an activity around the architecture, wait until every
element falls into place.
13. It is important to Capture the Essence of the Place rather than
capturing the Face of a Subject.
14. Make your Images to work Best as a Narrative, rather than an
Individuals Shots.
15. Move around the Structure to see which Vantage Point helps you
minimize any Potential Distractions.
16. Portraits need not be taken Sharp; even Blur & Activity can help
convey the Subject’s Personality.
17. Revisit the Same Place several Times to know the Change Effect
Aspects (CEA).
18. Sheer number of mass activities that take place on the Streets is
refreshing for a Street Photography.
19. Shoot the Places (Restaurants & Hotels) without People to showcase
its Symmetry.
20. Silhouettes of famous Structures & Monuments can be very effective.
21. Sometimes, the surrounding are near a building can help complement
the architecture.
22. Streets offer many Opportunities, but always remember to be Careful.
23. The Right Background can do wonders to a Regular Portrait Shot.
24. To get a look similar to Slow Sync Flash (SSF), you can use the
Night Portrait Scene Mode (NPSM) in Compact Cameras.
25. Try to add People to your composition to break the Monotony.
26. Try to give Images a rather Dark Feel through Post-Processing.
27. Try to include the Strong Dose of Colour (SDC) in your Perspectives.
28. Ultra-wide and Fish-eye Lenses are great tools for giving
architecture shots as an added spark to the image.
29. Use a Vertical Frame while shooting any Tall Structure to
emphasize it’s Height.
30. Use Wide-to-Normal Focal Length to aid into Story-Telling.
31. While capturing Tourist Spots, Always think of how you can make
your shot different.
32. While learning about various scientific concepts, you can keep
shooting the exhibits.
33. Windows and Balconies will provide you interesting views of the
through the use of Human Elements.
34. With Parallel and Intersecting Lines, Geometric Patterns can help
create great architectural shots.

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