Malvaceae week 09 05 2011 UD 001 Abroma augusta

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ushadi Micromini

Sep 6, 2011, 2:49:06 AM9/6/11
to efloraofindia, Balkar Arya, Gurcharan Singh, J.M. Garg, Neil Soares
Dear ALL:

A very interesting plant, I was drawn to it for the photography challenges it provided,   my first Ulat Kambal was growing among a group of very large, very unwieldy Aloes  with their sharp  leaf ends…  AND  the process of fertilized ovary growing to face up towards the sky is very very intriguing to say the least….   Process involves part of the twig growing larger longer cells so that pedicle of the flower can do a 180 degrees twist… Almost similar to the insectivorous plants’ trap closing mechanism…..

Abroma augusta L.

Syn : Ambroma augustum;  

           Abroma augustum  (  seems to be currently preferred name )

      Abroma augusta L.  (  name seems ingrained in       Medicine,  Ethnobotany books and Homeopathic remedies )

Bengali name: Ulat Kambal:    ওলঢ   কঁবল    

No Sanskrit name, In Hindi called ULTA Kambal

No Gujarati name….   In the past not grown nor used in Gujarat…  DON’T KNOW if currently its being grown all over India or not,   what with rapid dissemination of Knowledge and gardening enthusiasts…

It is also not mentioned by Shushruta or Charak….  Bapalal Vaidya says it grows in the  NE  Himalayan range and nearby states,  and in the past was rarely seen in the western jungles.


Taxon:   Abroma augustum (L.) L. f.

Genus: Abroma

   Family: Malvaceae

       subfamily: Byttnerioideae

          tribe: Byttnerieae.       Also placed in: Sterculiaceae  ***



Date/Time-  Several Years while studying Ethnobotany, 2007 till present, Pics are from during these years…


Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-  Kolkata Horticulture Gardens Sea level or 2-3 feet below sea level


Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-  Cultivated, Herb Garden….I have also seen it cultivated at Jute Research Institute Grounds, Ballygunj Circular Road, Kolkata, and in private Gardens of Individuals


Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-    Shrub,


Height/Length-  Most I have seen is about  10 feet tall.


Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-   Younger leaves Sagittate , older lower leaves are Palmate


Inflorescence Type/ Size-   Individual flowers Hanging  face  down

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-  4 to 6 cms  across  brownish-violet mixed color


Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-      Seeds are less than a mm wide, black… covered with thick beige brown hairs..   but do not help seeds fly  far…. It seems the tuft remain in the seed pods and seeds fall off or are eaten …  Seeds pods/ fruits are 5 to 7  cms across and 1 – 3 cms deep.



Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.-

Do not know,   but see figure 6 for some insect guests…  WOULD LIKE TO KNOW the names of these beetles if possible… they seemed very busy….


USES:  Medicinal:  Used for Dysmenorrhoea .  and in postpartum complaints.  Homeopathy: for Bronchitis, Diabetes, and Dysmeorrhoea.  Main ingredient is   ß-sitosterol .


***  source of confusion, finally saw this at  USDA  Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)  site 

URL:   (06 September 2011)


Usha di

Abroma augusta 1 Habit Hort 807(003) sm crp nm.jpg
Abroma augusta 2 FLOWER Hort 952011 DSC04779 (14) sm crp nm.jpg
Abroma augusta 3 FERTIZED pods Hort 07 002 sm crp nm.jpg
Abroma augusta 4 Leaves Front and back PODS Hort 952011 DSC04779 (2) sm crp nm.jpg
Abroma augusta 5 SEEDPOD hort 807 006 sm crp nm.jpg
Abroma augusta 6 GUESTS three Hort 952011 DSC04779 (4) sm crp nm.jpg

Madhuri Raut

Sep 6, 2011, 6:01:40 AM9/6/11
to ushadi Micromini, efloraofindia, Balkar Arya, Gurcharan Singh, J.M. Garg, Neil Soares
beautiful pictures Ushadi. Specially the third picture reminded me of some beautiful lamps in a row

Balkar Arya

Sep 6, 2011, 10:46:02 AM9/6/11
to Madhuri Raut, ushadi Micromini, efloraofindia, Gurcharan Singh, J.M. Garg, Neil Soares
Beautiful pics Ushadi Ji

Dr Balkar Singh
Head, Deptt. of Botany and Biotechnology
Arya P G College, Panipat
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